Month: May 2020

New Chapter Vitamins Reviews

New Chapter Vitamins – Review of My Favorite

I love New Chapter Vitamins brand and I’ve been using the Every Woman 40+ Daily multivitamin for many years. I always feel great when I take them regularly which is once per day. I usually take my Every Woman 40+ Daily multivitamin in the mornings before I have my coffee. It helps me to stay in a healthy routine when I take them at the same time everyday.

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how to stop inflammation naturally

How To Stop Inflammation Naturally – Eating A Plant Based Diet?

Inflammation is a growing concern for people. How to stop inflammation naturally is a question that people are asking. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute protects the body and chronic can lead to long term pain and damage. Chronic inflammation is a slow onset and can lead to arthritis, heart disease and heart attack lasting for months to years. Acute is a rapid onset that lasts for a few days. Acute inflammation can sometimes lead to chronic. Inflammation is the body’s critical defense mechanism telling you that your body needs attention. It can develop in the body without you knowing which is called chronic and can lead to diseases.





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What About Healthy Eating Habits – adapting to a healthy lifestyle

Today more than ever, it’s important to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to do this. Most recently I had someone ask me “what about healthy eating habits”? This is a topic I would like to focus on today. Some of our eating habits were started during our childhood but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt now to a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy these healthy eating habits highlighted below and please comment if you have any experiences of your own to share.



Drink more water-It’s important to hydrate and replenish lost moisture in our bodies. The best way to do this is to drink water. But not any kind of water, filtered water is the way to go. The way to get filtered water can vary. Some people have filters built in to their home refrigerators. There are also portable water filters available for purchase. They range from counter top to under the counter.

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Eating Healthy During COVID 19 – making good food choices

Tea is Always a Good Idea

During Covid 19 we should be mindful of the factors that keep our spirits high and stress low. Thankfully there are many tasks we can do to maintain our well being. There are also certain foods we can consume that help us eating healthy during Covid 19. These foods reduce anxiety and also boost immunity. My favorite choices from the large amount of options are salmon, citrus fruit, turmeric (can be found in tea from Art of Tea), cashews, and eggs. Below are some tasks to follow that can help maintain healthy eating during Covid 19.

Make a meal plan:

It’s important to plan ahead and prepare a meal plan for the week. In todays stay at home order we are not rushing out to the store so planning ahead will help be more prepared when its time for our meal prep. There are some sample meal plans available for printing on the internet.  Or have fun with it and make your own.

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Best Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Review-And it’s HEALTHY

Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

After doing lots of research and tasting many flavors, I think the best organic plant based protein powder is here. It’s from a company called Orgain and it’s made in the USA. The name Orgain was derived from Organic + Gain due to its ORGANIC ingredients and the opportunity to GAIN health, energy and life through clean wholesome nutrition. The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Abraham a physician and cancer survivor. I’m going to specifically review the plant based protein powder but there are many different products available from Orgain.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Starting A Food Garden – On A Budget

Being at home so much has generated some new interests for us.  Our family has decided our new interest would be to start a food garden.  Starting a food garden has brought up many questions about soil, watering, bug control and sun exposure.  It’s a challenging but fun family bonding experience.  And we have created some very unique solutions that might surprise you.

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