NEW CHAPTER VITAMINS-Review of My Favorite

I love New Chapter Vitamins brand and I’ve been using the Every Woman 40+ Daily multivitamin for many years. I always feel great when I take them regularly which is once per day. I usually take my Every Woman 40+ Daily multivitamin in the mornings before I have my coffee. It helps me to stay in a routine if I take it at the same time everyday.



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HOW TO STOP INFLAMMATION NATURALLY-eating a plant based diet?

Inflammation is a growing concern for people. How to stop inflammation naturally is a question that people are asking. There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute protects the body and chronic can lead to long term pain and damage. Chronic inflammation is a slow onset and can lead to arthritis, heart disease and heart attack lasting for months to years. Acute is a rapid onset that lasts for a few days. Acute inflammation can sometimes lead to chronic. Inflammation is the body’s critical defense mechanism telling you that your body needs attention. It can develop in the body without you knowing which is called chronic and can lead to diseases. The most common way to measure inflammation is to have blood work done.  You can conduct a blood test for C-reactive protein by clicking here, which is a marker of inflammation. Doctors also measure homocysteine levels to evaluate chronic inflammation. Finally, physicians test for HbA1C — a measurement of blood sugar — to assess damage to red blood cells.











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WHAT ARE THE TOP HOME EXERCISES-now it’s easy to stay in shape

Lots of people are working from home so therefore they are working out at home. But what are the top home exercises to focus on? It’s first important to understand the 5 basic movements. These movements can be done with free weights, in a home gym environment, group class or even online class. The 5 basic movements consist of push, pull, squat, plank, and hip-hinge. In addition some people like variety and may use an exercise bike or treadmill. There are also exercise resistance bands that allow muscles to work concentrically and eccentrically. Another favorite is the Bosu half-circle stability balls which helps with core muscles and spine health.

Each one of those exercises will fall into these 4 categories: Aerobic, Flexibility, Strength, Balance. With so many options available it should be easy to find an exercise you enjoy and get exercise on a daily basis. Here are some top home exercises that you can do.


WHAT ARE THE TOP HOME EXERCISES-now it's easy to stay in shape - photo of jogger

WHAT ARE THE TOP HOME EXERCISES-now it's easy to stay in shape - bowflex ad

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KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER review-amazing scent

I’m happy that hand sanitizer is available.  I ordered KLEAN+ hand sanitizer and the product was shipped to my home in 10 days.  It’s 99.9% effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands.  The spray top is useful to apply quickly and without any hassle.

I really like the lavender scent  and the solution feels nice on my hands.   The hand sanitizer is 67% food-grade ethanol so its gentle on your skin.  Safe to use repeatedly and daily.  The solution is vegan, sulfate and paragon free.


=>>Click here for Klean+ Hand Sanitizer and use discount code HEALTHY15<<=


KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER review-amazing scent - natural hand sanitizer


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WHAT ABOUT HEALTHY EATING HABITS-adapting to a healthy lifestyle

Today more than ever, it’s important to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to do this. Most recently I had someone ask me “what about healthy eating habits”? This is a topic I would like to focus on today. Some of our eating habits were started during our childhood but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt now to a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy these healthy eating habits highlighted below and please comment if you have any experiences of your own to share.



Drink more water-It’s important to hydrate and replenish lost moisture in our bodies. The best way to do this is to drink water. But not any kind of water, filtered water is the way to go. The way to get filtered water can vary. Some people have filters built in to their home refrigerators. There are also portable water filters available for purchase. They range from counter top to under the counter.

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EATING HEALTHY DURING COVID 19-making good food choices

Tea is Always a Good Idea

During Covid 19 we should be mindful of the factors that keep our spirits high and stress low. Thankfully there are many tasks we can do to maintain our well being. There are also certain foods we can consume that help us eating healthy during Covid 19. These foods reduce anxiety and also boost immunity. My favorite choices from the large amount of options are salmon, citrus fruit, turmeric (can be found in tea from Art of Tea), cashews, and eggs. Below are some tasks to follow that can help maintain healthy eating during Covid 19.

Make a meal plan:

It’s important to plan ahead and prepare a meal plan for the week. In todays stay at home order we are not rushing out to the store so planning ahead will help be more prepared when its time for our meal prep. There are some sample meal plans available for printing on the internet.  Or have fun with it and make your own.

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Best Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Review-And it’s HEALTHY

After doing lots of research and tasting many flavors, I think the best organic plant based protein powder is here. It’s from a company called Orgain and it’s made in the USA. The name Orgain was derived from Organic + Gain due to its ORGANIC ingredients and the opportunity to GAIN health, energy and life through clean wholesome nutrition. The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Abraham a physician and cancer survivor. I’m going to specifically review the plant based protein powder but there are many different products available from Orgain.

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Being at home so much has generated some new interests for us.  Our family has decided our new interest would be to start a food garden.  Starting a food garden has brought up many questions about soil, watering, bug control and sun exposure.  It’s a challenging but fun project.  And we have created some very unique solutions that might surprise you.

starting a food garden - masterclass training teaches gardening

Choose a good soil:

This is where you could get very involved with soil quality and cultivation.  The simple solution for our small backyard garden was prepared soil from the nursery and large planting buckets.  This allowed for instant successful growth so we could enjoy our garden immediately.  Be sure the bucket has holes so water can drain and start out by watering once per week.  Or how about a raised planter bed?  Check out a raised planter bed here to start a food garden.


starting a food garden - veggies and fruit

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How to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic…my recent experiences

Tea is Always a Good Idea


I’ve decided to spend some time focused on how to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic. In the near future we have been told that cities are going to open back up. This will be great for the economy and well-being of the public. If everybody is following the guidelines we should be able to stay healthy. I’ve included below some of the most important things to remember going forward.

Use face masks and keep 10 feet distance:

I’ve been wearing a homemade face mask since March even before they were mandatory. In my opinion it just made sense to protect myself and others. It’s also important to stay a safe distance from others not living in your home and I’m suggesting 10 feet. On the news I saw 6 feet but I just feel like that’s still too close. It’s also very important to keep your hands washed and don’t touch your face. If you want to try a good hand sanitizer, I recommend Klean+. Use the code KLEAN10 to get 10% off your order.

Exercise every week:

We are all at different exercise levels so its important to focus on what your body is telling you. I suggest fast walking everyday. I walk my dogs twice a day which is very helpful for me to keep on a regular schedule. In addition to walking I suggest a vigorous workout about 3 times per week to improve heart health.

Eat healthy:

Eating healthy can mean something different to each person. My suggestions are to eat 3 balanced meals per day. Here are some key reminders:

  • Increase fruits and veggies-Aim for at least one fruit and/or veggie in each meal & focus on leafy greens everyday
  • Reduce meat consumption-Like steak, lamb and pork
  • Reduce sugar consumption-Like that found in soda, candy and cakes

If you want a professional guide to eating healthier, be sure to visit the Food Revolution Network.

Spend time with family and friends:

This could mean a zoom call or a safe social distancing get together in someones backyard. I’ve heard about people meeting in a safe place and staying inside the car. I also had fun participating in a car parade to celebrate a birthday. We drove by the birthday boys house and brought gifts to hand to him. We stayed in our cars during the parade and had such a fun time honking our horns and cheering.


So this is what I recommend for how to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic.  We are all in this together and it will all be over at some point soon.  It’s impressive how well the community has come together to protect the health of others.  I’m thankful for my family during this time of uncertainty and wish the best for everyone.