This is a very important topic that many people are wondering about. To balance hormones naturally I’ve tried many different natural solutions. I guess you could say I’m not doing much except taking some supplements and practicing a healthy lifestyle overall. I always recommend eating healthy, exercise and take time for relaxation. When my hormone imbalance was at its worst I tried Moon Balance and within 24 hours my symptoms were gone. If you want to read about my success story and learn all about what is moon balance then please go here.  Use code HEALTHYFOODIE if you want the discount.

balance hormones naturally

balance hormones naturally

It’s all going fine but it does take time to get everything balanced. It’s important to work with your doctor or a naturopath to receive the best results. Remember I’m not a doctor but I can provide you with suggestions to help you make some natural choices. Or at least try natural solutions first. I recollect during my hormonal imbalance that it would be much easier to take a pill from the doctor. I chose to try a natural solution. Below I’ve outlined for you; hormone imbalance in the body, what are the symptoms, foods that can help balance hormones naturally and foods to avoid.

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Hormone imbalance in the body:

A hormone imbalance is when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the body’s bloodstream. This can happen due to several reasons such as stress, age, change of life, medications or a medical condition. Other conditions could be caused by toxins or unhealthy food choices. If left untreated a hormone imbalance can be dangerous and cause serious illnesses such as diabetes and thyroid issues.  According to, hormones are chemicals that are produced by glands in the endocrine system.

Focus on the following tips to help balance hormones:

  • Get plenty of deep high quality sleep-Getting plenty of deep high quality sleep is a problem for many people. I’ve done some things in my life to help me sleep better. I do not eat chocolate or drink alcohol after dinner because I’ve learned the hard way that those things interrupt me getting good sleep. I have some non caffeine tea before bed. My favorite is turmeric and ginger based and it seems to help me settle down. I haven’t tried this but people have said to limit screen time one hour before bed. Turn off WiFi and keep the bedroom dark and cool.
  • Eat fatty fish-I recommend wild caught salmon as a great source of fatty fish.
  • Eat healthy balanced meals-Eating lots of fruits, veggies, grains and proteins at every meal.
  • Manage stress-Learn how to decompress and take deep breaths when you’re feeling extra stress in your life or work.
  • Eat healthy fats-These are healthy oils such as olive oil and nuts or seeds.
  • Avoid sugary drinks-This would be sugary drinks such as soda or milk shakes.
  • Avoid processed foods-Foods purchased in a box or in a can that is not fresh with preservatives and a long list of unhealthy ingredients.
  • Eat enough protein at each meal-Proteins can be found in fish, beans, nuts, seeds and avocados.
  • Exercise regularly-I published an article about simple exercises that you can do and balance exercises for seniors. Check out my other article here for the 10 ways to walk at home.
  • Eat high fiber foods-Foods such as whole grains, beans, legumes, avocado, peas and apples.

Men can also have a hormone imbalance. Men can have fatigue, mood changes, hair loss, muscle weakness and osteoporosis. Only 20% of men experience hormone imbalance.

balance hormones naturally

Symptoms of a hormone imbalance:

If you have read my article WHAT IS MOON BALANCE then you will be familiar with this list. I’ve actually had many of these symptoms, 8 of them to be exact. I find when I focus on improving symptoms and not ignoring the symptoms then it gets better. I will shop online or walk into the natural food store and come out with solutions. The next day I feel better!

Here’s the list with a couple additions:

  • Dizziness
  • Night Sweats
  • Acne
  • Infertility
  • Bloating
  • Muscle/Joint Pain
  • Stress/Depression
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Hot Flashes
  • Weight Gain
  • Irregular Periods
  • Mental/Physical Fatigue

balance hormones naturally

Foods that help balance hormones (my favorites):

balance hormones naturally

  • Broccoli-I like to steam and add along with an entree.
  • Cauliflower-I like to make cauliflower rice fried with olive oil and some garlic.
  • Kale-I like the baby kale added to a smoothie or in a salad.
  • Avocado-My favorite is avocado toast or guacamole. Check out my article here.
  • Flaxseeds-I add to my smoothie or oatmeal. Check out my article here.
  • Quinoa-I like to make a bowl and mix the quinoa with baked salmon and veggies.
  • Cherries-They are great dried from the local health food store, Costco or online here from Thrive market.
  • Green Tea-I love the tea selections from Art of Tea.
  • Eggs-I always feel great when I eat eggs, try them hard-boiled or fried for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Coconut oil-I keep this available in my kitchen at all times and use for cooking.
  • Spinach-I add the spinach to my scrambled eggs and also add into my salads.
  • Blueberries-This is great added to chia pudding, yogurt and granola.
  • Apples-I love adding apples and peanut butter together for a tasty snack.
  • Salmon-My favorite cooked protein with potatoes and veggies is a dinner I frequently serve to my family.

balance hormones naturally




Foods that cause a hormone imbalance:

There are some foods that can increase symptoms of a hormone imbalance.  They increase the production of estrogen and worsen symptoms.  They are: corn syrup, alcohol, packaged processed foods, red meat and artificial sweetners.

I love this video from yoursuper!!  Check it out and let me know what you think in comments below.

I’m so glad that I get to share these tips and suggestions here with you for how to balance hormones naturally. If you want to get your blood tested and avoid a trip to the doctor, be sure to try Let’s Get Checked by clicking here.

balance hormones naturally

If you have had an experience and want to share please post in comments below. I would love to hear from you!!

When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure. The information contained in this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor.


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I’ve heard so much about pea protein. But what is pea protein? I think it’s simply a plant based powder made out of peas. It’s usually used to increase the protein content in smoothies and shakes.  It’s also used in some packaged foods like veggie burgers, vegan mayo and a subsitutute for dairy in some ice creams.  Pea protein is made from extracting the powder from green and yellow split peas.  The peas are the same ones used to make split pea soup.  Pea protein is a healthy alternative to whey protein and other animal derived powders. There are also several other types of powders such as soy protein, rice protein, and hemp protein.


what is pea protein - pea pods

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What is green, healthy and full of power? I think I’ve found it!! I found Power Matcha from yoursuper and I feel so healthy and energized when I add it my smoothies. So what is Power Matcha? It’s a very interesting powder combination of 5 natural ingredients from around the world. I’d like to tell you all about it so that you can experience the same benefits as me. I’ve learned over the last couple months that people are wondering what I first wanted to know. How does matcha make you feel? Is matcha stronger than coffee? So I’m going to dig deep to find these answers so that I can share them with you here.

what is power matcha - for focus ad

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Matcha is made from finely ground tea leaves that form a green powder. Originally from China, it started to be introduced in the US about 20 years ago. It can be added to hot water to make tea, made into green tea ice cream or blended into a smoothie. Most recently matcha has become more popular from companies like Art of Tea and YourSuper. I’ve tried it from both and I’m so glad that it has so many health benefits. You can checkout my article on matcha tea here.

what is power matcha - green powder

What are people asking about matcha?

How does matcha make you feel? To be honest, matcha can make every person feel different. Basically it could make you feel energized, more productive and focused. The best advice I can tell you is to start with small quantities and increase as you go. Some people have replaced coffee with matcha in the morning. I haven’t removed coffee from my morning routine since I like the taste so much. I also want to continue my coffee regimen because I’m adding Plant Collagen from yoursuper to it. I think Plant Collagen is perfect for adding to coffee and I’ve seen so many benefits with my skin. If you want to learn more about Plant Collagen from yoursuper check out my article here.

Is matcha stronger than coffee? Matcha has less caffeine than coffee and provides a less jittery feeling than coffee. It also has a more sustained energy boost and doesn’t leave you feeling in a crashed state at the end. The health benefits are much better than that of coffee too. So basically matcha does not have as much caffeine as coffee but it still provides a hearty boost of energy and increased focus. The superfood mix Power Matcha from yoursuper has 23mg of caffeine and an 8 oz cup of coffee has 95mg of caffeine.


  • Product: POWER MATCHA MIX Organic Superfood Mix
  • Key Values: Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, 100% Natural, No Additives, Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • Size: 5.3 oz
  • Price: $29.90/single mix $129.90 in Quit Coffee Bundle includes 4 superfood mixes
  • Return Policy/Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $75

What are the benefits of Power Matcha?

  • Great Source of Antioxidants
  • Up to 6 hours of energy
  • Calming effect
  • 5 brain-boosting superfoods
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Focus and Concentration
  • High in Chlorophyll
  • Great Balance of Caffeine
  • High in Vitamin A, C, K
  • High in Iron, Calcium, Folate and Potassium

=>>Power Matcha will not make you jittery or lead to energy crash like coffee does<<=

Product Overview-What is Power Matcha?

Power Matcha can deliver powerful results with only 5 organic superfood ingredients. The ingredients used are all organic and free of additives. It’s suggested to use one teaspoon of mix and add to smoothies, water, latte, or oatmeal. Alone it tastes like a slightly sweet green tea. You can find Power Matcha included in the Ultimate Health Bundle or the Quit Coffee Bundle. The bundles are great because you can combine all the powders into a powerfully packed nutrient dense boost. I use my powders everyday and I have not had any side effects. I wish the container was larger but I’m glad it’s in an environmentally safe container.  I recommend if you are taking any medicines that you check with your doctor because there are some powders that can interfere with medicines.


Try this smoothie recipe: 1 teaspoon Power Matcha, 1 avocado, 2 dates, 1 teaspoon lime, and 1 cup plant based milk.

Try this warm almond milk recipe: 1 teaspoon Power Matcha, 1 cup warm almond milk and 1 teaspoon coconut sugar.

Check out my YouTube video on how to make a matcha drink:






Power Matcha Ingredients and Nutritional Facts:

what is power matcha - ingredients

Matcha (Japan)-The leaves are ground into a powder and contain natural caffeine and high amounts of antioxidants.

Moringa (Tanzania)-The leaves of this plant contains all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to grow, repair and maintain cells. Check out my article on moringa here.

Maca (Peru)-A powerful superfood adaptogen that focuses on energy and hormonal balance. Check out my article on maca here.

Wheatgrass (Germany)-An alkalizing superfood high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid in ridding the body of impurities and stored toxins.

Barley Grass (Germany)-A multi nutrient rich powerful powder to help promote weight loss and enhance heart health.



what is power matcha - nutrition list

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I’m so glad that you have chosen to learn more about what is power matcha? I think it’s a huge benefit that I can get a natural caffeine boost and a serving of greens all in one. When I’m taking Power Matcha I feel a calming boost of energy. I highly recommend Power Matcha for people that are ready to give up coffee or want that extra boost. If you have tried Power Matcha or plan to please leave your thoughts in the comment area below. I would love to hear from you!

To order Power Matcha click here

When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure. The information contained in this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor.


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