is ginger good for you

Is Ginger Good For You?

Have you heard the craze going around about ginger? Everyone is adding it to their smoothies and using ginger extract for chronic inflammation, upset stomach, and pain relief. But does it work? The effects of ginger vary from person to person, but more often than not, they are positive. If … Read More

what is snap kitchen

What is Snap Kitchen? A Quick Snap Kitchen Review

Are you tired of chopping and preparing meals every night for dinner? Do you wish there was an easy way to prepare meals for yourself that stick to your healthy lifestyle? Snap Kitchen makes meals a snap for busy people! The meals they deliver are pre-made, so all you have … Read More

Is dark chocolate healthy for you?

Is Dark Chocolate Healthy For You?

When you think of chocolate you probably think of sugar, breakouts, and candy. It’s most commonly categorized as unhealthy food and people recommend you avoid it. Did you know however that dark chocolate actually has some great health benefits? I was surprised to hear this as well, but very happy … Read More