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Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!

Happy Monday!

On Mondays I like to set some task lists for the week.   I recommend writing them down and checking them throughout the week.  This week I want to focus on Food Revolution Network and the launch of the summit.   There are lots of benefits of a healthy lifestyle.   The summit is a key program to help accomplish this goal.  Remember eat healthy feel great!

Click on the photo below to get more info on the summit:


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9 thoughts on “Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!”

  1. This summit looks really great! I have signed up! I am all about healthy eating and eating for gut health so this is literally right up my alley! I like your suggestion of writing a list of things to be done for the week. I do this daily! I’m glad I found this blog post and was able to comment on it! I look forward to learning some new stuff at this summit!

  2. That idea you gave about writing out what one wants for the whole of the week is very fantastic. I think that is exactly what I should do. Also I will make sure I sign up for the summit you have written here. Thanks a lot for explaining what I need to know about the healthy living. Cheers!

  3. Hello Alyse, food is a very important aspect of our existence and it can’t be put away regardless of the situation you are in. Having an healthy lifestyle goes with the quality of the food you consume and feeding habit must he very good to help with it. I don’t write out a routine for feeding for a week in my house and i know how i skip some really important meal in a day and its sad. I would like to copy such great idea 

  4. Helo, nice article here.

    Planning and listing out things to be done or a achieve during the week is indeed a nice step and is indeed important to take such measures as well. There are indeed lots of benefits of a healthy lifestyle and I think this summit is a key program to help accomplish such great health goal.  Thanks for putting up such a amazing program. 

  5. Hello alyse, it is great to have websites that can give us tangible information like this and help us to stay healthy.

    i am excited about the 9th annual food revolution summit. it is just so sad that it has come in a time where there is restriction of movement due to the corona virus pandemic. thank you for this


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