Are dogs good for your health…..I think they are!

Peachy turns on the TV



What do you think? Are dogs good for your health? Nowadays some of us are staying home due to the pandemic so it may feel more so than ever. But in my opinion it’s helped me a lot especially when my daughters went away to college. My dogs keep me company and are always by my side. It’s important to note that its not only dogs, all pets are good for your health; cats, pigs, horses, rabbits to name a few. Below are some reasons why dogs are good for your health:

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What are the benefits of tea….my new favorite drink

Recently I’ve enjoyed having some tea in the later afternoon. I tried a couple different types of tea then I decided to research what are the benefits of tea. I had some special flavors that I prefer for health reasons like white, green or black tea. And I tried using the loose tea and the teabags. There are many different options when choosing a tea and I will share them with you here. Let’s first learn about the history and legends of discovering tea.

what are the benefits of tea - hot tea photo

If you want to view the tea selections from Art of Tea click here

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