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feel good superfoods review of the immune support shot

FeelGood Superfoods Review of the Immune Support Shot

FeelGood wellness and a healthy lifestyle is the message I like to share with people. And I’m thrilled to have found FeelGood Superfoods and especially the Immune Support Shot. It’s important to keep your immune system supported at all times. This can be accomplished in several ways. Since some of us are super busy and need extra help this Immune Support Shot from Feel Good Superfoods is the perfect solution. It’s great for college students on the go, athletes and busy people practicing a healthy lifestyle. My FeelGood Superfoods Review of the Immune Support Shot will help you decide if it’s the right product for you.                     

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How to Eat Healthy at College

How to Eat Healthy at College - girl eating apple

Are you rushing to class and skipping meals? The start of a New Year and a new semester of college is the perfect opportunity to focus on healthy eating!  Healthy eating is a habit that can be learned at any point in your life.  My last article gave some helpful tips about How To Eat Healthy At College Dining Halls, but healthy habits need to happen outside of the dining halls too! So I’m going to focus here on how to eat healthy at college when the dining hall isn’t an option.


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what is spirulina for

What Is Spirulina For?

When I first heard this word I thought, wow, that’s interesting! Did I hear correctly, spinach, spiraling, spiritual? No SPIRULINA! But what is it and what is spirulina for? I’m fascinated by the concept of growing this blue-green microalgae for better health.  It’s a type of cyanobacteria that is very healthy.  For those of us that are new to healthy living and having a healthy lifestyle this could seem like an unfamiliar journey. Let’s start at the beginning and get a good grounded start to what is spirulina for?

what is spirulina for?


Please go here to find my favorite superfood with Spirulina – Skinny Protein from YourSuper

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