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Ingredients In Hand Sanitizer – are they safe?

It’s the topic of conversation lately and I’ve tried many of them. But are they safe?  We can answer that question when we know what ingredients in hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer was first introduced in 1966 in medical settings such as hospitals and healthcare offices.  And then popularized in the early 1990’s.  According to Pharmacy Today, 91% of children 0-5 yrs have been exposed by drinking or inhaling the product by mistake.  This is due to the appealing scent like apple, vanilla or citrus.  And children 6-12 yrs had consumed the product intentionally.  These products should always be used with caution and under the supervison of an adult.


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ingredients in hand sanitizer - natural hand sanitizer are they safe?

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Klean+ Hand Sanitizer review – amazing scent

I’m happy that hand sanitizer is available.  I ordered KLEAN+ hand sanitizer and the product was shipped to my home in 10 days.  It’s 99.9% effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands.  The spray top is useful to apply quickly and without any hassle.

I really like the lavender scent  and the solution feels nice on my hands.   The hand sanitizer is 67% food-grade ethanol so its gentle on your skin.  Safe to use repeatedly and daily.  The solution is vegan, sulfate and paragon free.

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KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER review-amazing scent - natural hand sanitizer


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