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What Are The Top Home Exercises – now it’s easy to stay in shape

Lots of people are working from home so therefore they are working out at home. But what are the top home exercises to focus on? It’s first important to understand the 5 basic movements. These movements can be done with free weights, in a home gym environment, group class or even online class. The 5 basic movements consist of push, pull, squat, plank, and hip-hinge. In addition some people like variety and may use an exercise bike or treadmill. There are also exercise resistance bands that allow muscles to work concentrically and eccentrically. Another favorite is the Bosu half-circle stability balls which helps with core muscles and spine health.

top home exercises

Each one of those exercises will fall into these 4 categories: Aerobic, Flexibility, Strength, Balance. With so many options available it should be easy to find an exercise you enjoy and get exercise on a daily basis. Here are some top home exercises that you can do.


WHAT ARE THE TOP HOME EXERCISES-now it's easy to stay in shape - photo of jogger

WHAT ARE THE TOP HOME EXERCISES-now it's easy to stay in shape - bowflex ad

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