Simple Healthy


"Thank you for another great recipe! I love egg salad! The chipotle lime mayo is so yummy and a wonderful addition to the egg salad. I never would’ve thought of that. I especially like all the tips and variations you provide as well as the nutritional info. Thank you!"



 6 Eggs 1/4 cup Onion chopped or sliced 1 tsp Deli Mustard  1 tsp Paprika  1 tbsp Chipotle Lime Mayo  1/4 tsp Salt  1/4 tsp Pepper Optional: Sliced Sourdough, Iceberg Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach

Gather ingredients for simple healthy egg salad.


Boil eggs.  Learn here how to boil eggs without them cracking.


Peel eggs, mash them and combine all ingredients for a simple healthy egg salad.


Add desired salad topping such as arugula, avocado or spinach

Place egg mixture on toasted sourdough bread with chipotle mayo on each side of bread or fill lettuce wrap with egg salad


Enjoy this simple healthy egg salad!