Your Super Detox Bundle Review

Your Super  Detox Bundle Included Powders 

Super Green Mix – for immune support & micronutrients Forever Beautiful Mix – for vitamin C & antioxidants Golden Mellow Mix – for less stress & reduce inflammation Skinny Protein Mix – stay full longer & maintain healthy weight Gut Feeling – support digestion and help flush out the bad stuff

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Your Super  5 Day Detox Bundle 

Health Benefits of the  5 Day Detox: 1) Support Immune System 2) Improve Health 3) Enjoy Better Sleep 4) Reduce Bloating 5) Increase Energy

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5 Day Detox includes:

All powders are: Non-GMO Gluten Free Plant Based

Gut Feeling Mix

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Supports Digestion  Taste: Fresh celery, slightly sweet & zesty taste Ingredients:  - Celery - Jerusalem Artichoke - Apple - Lemon & Lemon Balm - Ginger All Certified Organic!

Super Green Mix

Immune Support with Micronutrients Taste: Green Taste Ingredients: Wheatgrass Barley Grass Moringa Baobab Spirulina Chlorella

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Forever Beautiful  

Included In The Your Super Detox Bundle! Vitamin C & Antioxidants Taste: Delicious berries, slightly sweet Ingredients:  Chia Seeds Acai Maqui Acerola Maca Blueberry Powder

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Golden Mellow Mix

Less Stress Reduces Inflammation Taste: Slight Spicy Chai Turmeric Ingredients:  - Turmeric - Ashwagandha - Ginger - Cinnamon - Lucuma - Pepper

Skinny Protein Mix 

Included In The Your Super Detox Bundle! Helps maintain a healthy weight. Tastes nutty, green, and not sweet. Ingredients:  Pea Protein Hemp Protein Moringa Spirulina Alfalfa

Your Super Detox Bundle

I hope I’ve inspired you to improve your health and try the Your Super Detox Bundle. I’m so excited that you have chosen to find an organic and natural detox plan to help you feel better. Everyone deserves to feel better!

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