Mexican Charcuterie Cups

Festive Charcuterie Cups for Cinco de Mayo

Key Ingredients

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- Guacamole - Jicama - Tortilla chips - Black olives - Mango - Colby Jack and Pepperjack cheeses

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the independence of Mexico. To celebrate, we dive into Mexican culture to learn more about this important day. People enjoy Mexican food, drink, and music on Cinco de Mayo as a fun way to recognize  an important day.

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Guacamole Recipe

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- 4 avocados - Fresh lime juice - Chopped red onion - Diced tomato - Chopped cilantro Mash avocados and combine all of the ingredients. Super simple and delicious. Tap below for the full recipe and ingredient list!

FAQs for Mexican Charcuterie Cups

Prep Time 20 minutes Assembly Time 10 minutes Total Time 30 minutes Servings 12 but it depends on party size but I recommend making  1-2 cups per person More questions?  Tap below for more info!

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Gadgets I used to make Mexican Charcuterie Cups

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