Best Gift Ideas for Healthy People

Best gift ideas for healthy people
With the increase of online shopping, its very easy to get overwhelmed with choices. I’m here to help with the best gift ideas for healthy people. The list that I’ve created here for you can be used over the holidays and ongoing throughout the year.

I hope the list below helps make your shopping experience easier and quicker. It’s the one stop shop you will need when shopping online. The bonus is that it’s specifically designed for the person that wants the best gift ideas for healthy people.

Best Gift Ideas for Healthy People

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Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

best healthy subscription boxes

I’ve rounded up the best healthy subscription boxes just for you. It will hopefully make your shopping experience easier and quicker. The average person spends about $650 on holiday gifts each year and online purchases have increased. I hope this list will help make your life easier when shopping for gifts for healthy people.

best healthy subscription boxes

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What Is Spirulina For?

When I first heard this word I thought, wow, that’s interesting! Did I hear correctly, spinach, spiraling, spiritual? No SPIRULINA! But what is it and what is spirulina for? I’m fascinated by the concept of growing this blue-green microalgae for better health.  It’s a type of cyanobacteria that is very healthy.  For those of us that are new to healthy living and having a healthy lifestyle this could seem like an unfamiliar journey. Let’s start at the beginning and get a good grounded start to what is spirulina for?

what is spirulina for?


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Best Magnesium Supplement For Leg Cramps

Are you wondering why you have leg cramps?  Research shows this could be a result from a lack of magnesium. I’ve often wondered what’s the best magnesium supplement for leg cramps. There are nights that I’m awaken by leg cramps and then I struggle to go back to sleep. It’s a cycle that I want to break so that I can improve my health.

best magnesium supplement for leg cramps

Magnesium is a nutrient that is frequently found in certain foods that most people do not get enough of. It’s wise to know which is the best way to consume magnesium in your diet and be sure to not consume too much. Magnesium is important to maintain energy production as well as support nerve and muscle function. It also supports blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The body needs magnesium to stay healthy. Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency are: insomnia, stress, muscle spasm, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, headaches, constipation, numbness, convulsions, and more seriously abnormal eye movements. Other health issues such as fibromyalgia and fatigue are also treated with magnesium.

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Moon Balance Review – And The Great Results

I’ve been using Moon Balance for sometime now so I thought it would be a good time to do a Moon Balance review. Moon Balance is an organic superfood mix from yoursuper that has many health benefits for symptoms of hormone imbalance. Over 75% of menstruating women in the US alone are dealing with PMS. Some of them are not even aware that they have an imbalance. I’d like to think that most women would want a natural solution to hormone imbalance or just everyday health issues. So I will share my findings for you here in this Moon Balance review!

MOON BALANCE REVIEW - Balance Hormones Naturally

I first discovered Moon Balance when searching the internet for how to balance hormones naturally. I found many products available but not all were natural. The most important thing for me is the quality of the product and that it’s natural. Please join me here to learn more about my findings for the best solution to balance hormones naturally.

Moon Balance Review


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Best Plant Based Collagen Powder

I want to have clearer younger looking skin so I searched for the best plant based collagen powder that I could find. Since I always look for plant based products the selections are somewhat limited but I know there is a great one out there. Collagen powder is best consumed when it’s of the highest quality and purest form. Many companies can claim they have the best plant based collagen powder but I’ve done the research and I think I’ve found the winner!!

Collagen is naturally made in the body. As we age, we lose the firmness in our skin, wrinkles begin and skin texture diminishes. With the use of collagen powder as well as certain foods, it helps to support the natural collagen that is already in our body.


BEST PLANT BASED COLLAGEN POWDER - pretty girl with nice skin

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Trouble With Sleeping At Night

Have you had trouble with sleeping at night? If you’re like some people lack of sleep can disrupt your daily life, cause brain fog and health problems. I periodically will wake up in the night and struggle to fall back to sleep. I’ve figured out some great tips that I want to share with you to help with trouble with sleeping at night. It’s important to first determine the reasons why you might be having trouble sleeping and make the necessary adjustments to help yourself sleep through the night.

TROUBLE WITH SLEEPING AT NIGHT - man sleeping in bed

If you think your sleep problems are due to an old mattress then click here for details on Plush Beds



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Mellow Yellow Powder – has a new name

Most people know it as Mellow Yellow powder. A healthy organic powder from yoursuper that was made to naturally help reduce inflammation and stress in the body. Now it has a new name, Golden Mellow. It happens to be the same healthy powder as before just with a new fabulous name. There are just 6 powerful organic Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens blended together from around the world. They are turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger, cinnamon, lucuma and pepper powder. I will tell you all about the benefits and provide some tips here.

If you want to try the new Golden Mellow please click here and be sure to use discount code HEALTHYFOODIE!

MELLOW YELLOW POWDER-has a new name lady sleeping

=>>Find your calm in the chaos<<=

=>>Be sure to check out my article here on adaptogenic herbs<<=

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Balance Hormones Naturally

This is a very important topic that many people are wondering about. To balance hormones naturally I’ve tried many different natural solutions. I guess you could say I’m not doing much except taking some supplements and practicing a healthy lifestyle overall. I always recommend eating healthy, exercise and take time for relaxation. When my hormone imbalance was at its worst I tried Moon Balance and within 24 hours my symptoms were gone. If you want to read about my success story and learn all about what is moon balance then please go here.  Use code HEALTHYFOODIE if you want the discount.

balance hormones naturally

balance hormones naturally

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Do Dogs Make People Happy?

Do dogs make people happy? Let’s first find out the definition of happy to determine what it means to people. Happy is defined as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. Happiness is a sense of wellness or joy. And It’s the opposite of sadness. When you are practicing a healthy lifestyle you will also have a happy mind and body. Happiness can improve your health by reducing stress and lowering the risk of diseases.

DO DOGS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY? - girl hugging dog

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