Best Electric  Indoor Composter

What is composting?

- Helps reduce food waste - Creates soil out of food waste - Fertilizes and improves soil

How Does an Electric Composter Work?

- Breaks down food waste, typically by drying, grinding, and cooling it - Takes much less time than traditional composting - Drying the compost includes heating it to around 160 degrees as the compost is turned to make sure it is aerated and thoroughly sterilized.

Are Electric Indoor Composters Good?

- Yes!  - Much more user-friendly than having to manage a large pile of compost in your backyard - Brings the compost indoors - Allows for minimal food waste

Do Indoor Compost  Bins Smell?

- No - They are odorless - Unlike outdoor composts that do smell very, very much

Best Electric  Indoor Composter

1. Vitamix FoodCycler 2. Farmhouse Kitchen Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter 3. Bamboozle Food Compost Bin, Indoor Food Composter for Kitchen (Natural)

More Great Electric Indoor Composters

1. BelleMark Kitchen  Compost Bin 2. Glasdon Nexus 13G Food Waste Compost Bin

Start Composting!

There are plenty of great options when it comes to indoor composting! Whether you choose electric or otherwise, recycling your kitchen scraps is a great way to take care of your food waste and put it to good use.

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