Can You Freeze Apples?

Apples are a tasty snack  Freezing apples is a great way to preserve them.  Apples are healthy Apples are high in antioxidants and fiber Let’s learn how can you freeze apples for better health all year long.

Can You Freeze Apples?

Yes, but you need to be careful how you freeze them to prevent browning and them getting mushy. When your apples are exposed to air in the freezing process they will turn brown. This goes for both fresh and homemade applesauce which freezes really well. Learn in the next steps How to Freeze Apples


For the best results when freezing apples prep them into the shapes you want to use for cooking such as slices for baking pies or diced.


Toss them into a large bowl of cold water that is a mix of water and lemon juice.


Remove the apples and pat them dry. Place your apples on a lined cookie sheet in a single layer. Freeze them to keep your apples from sticking together when you store them in the freezer.


After allowing your apples to freeze, move them to an air-tight container in your freezer.

Can You Freeze Apples? Yes and Enjoy All Year!

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