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Can You Freeze Apples?

Apples are a tasty snack and great for baking with some recipes.  Freezing apples is a great way to preserve them for later or while in season.  Freezing apples also lets you make use of the lowest price of the year or even your own apple tree.  Apples are healthy, high in antioxidants and rich in fiber.  Let’s learn how can you freeze apples for better health all year long.

can you freeze apples

Can You Freeze Apples?

Yes, but you need to be careful how you freeze them to prevent browning and them getting mushy. When your apples are exposed to air in the freezing process they will turn brown and lose some of their appeal. This goes for both fresh and homemade applesauce which freezes really well.

Frozen apples will not have the same texture of the apples. After thawing they will be soft and mushy making it best to use your frozen apples from frozen unless you are making a softer recipe such as apple sauce.

Can You Freeze Apples?


How To Freeze Apples

How you cut and prepare your apples matters. While some people choose to freeze whole apples you will find that these are hard to work within cooking and baking because they have to be thawed to cut which leaves them soft and mushy. For the best results when freezing apples prep them into the shapes you want to use for cooking such as slices for baking pies or diced for adding flavor to things like oatmeal.

cut apples for how to freeze apples
sliced apples for how to freeze apples

First clean and cut your apples. As you cut, toss them into a large bowl of cold water that is a mix of 1/2 gallon water and 1/2 cup lemon juice. This will stop the browning process and help keep your apples looking great during the freezing process.

apples in lemon water for how to freeze apples

Remove the apples and pat them dry, Do not rinse away the lemon juice mixture. Place your apples on a lined cookie sheet in a single layer. Freeze them for 4 hours to keep your apples from sticking together when you store them in the freezer.

apples lined up how to freeze apples

After allowing your apples to freeze, move them to an air-tight container in your freezer. For the longest life span, you should use a vacuum sealer to vacuum your frozen apples into the portions needed for the recipes you plan to use them in. This will make it easier to go from freezer to recipes with your frozen apples.

airtight container for how to freeze apples

For things like homemade apple sauce and even ready-made apple pie filling, you can toss it directly into your airtight containers and into the freezer. To store them flat to make the most use of your space you can put these into freezer bags or vacuum seal then stack them flat.

stem and apples for how to freeze apples
How To Freeze Apples

How To Thaw And Use Your Frozen Apples

For most cooking applications you will want to take your apples right from the freezer to cooking for the crispest result. For things like premade apple pie mix or apple sauce, you will need to thaw before using.

To thaw your apples for different uses simply start by placing them in the refrigerator overnight or on the counter for a few hours.

Checkout my recipes with apples: healthy charcuterie board, cranberry ambrosia salad, vegan charcuterie cups,  Please comment below if you have questions as to whether can you freeze apples.

can you freeze apples
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