Vitamix FoodCycler Composter

Why you NEED it!

How does the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 work?

Simply toss food scraps into the bucket, press the start button and your done. Food waste breaks down to a fraction of its original volume.

What to Feed  Your  Vitamix FoodCycler

   Always: – Cereal – Eggs & egg shells

Never: – Candy or gum – Cooking oil or grease

Tips for using the  Vitamix FoodCycler:

– Avoid high concentrations of a single food – Combine heavier food scraps with lighter, dryer foods – Cut high fiber foods into small pieces

Benefits of Composting

- Provides nutrient-rich fertilizer to the soil - Good for the environment - Diverts waste to the landfill - Introduces beneficial colonies microbes in soil

Overview of the Vitamix FoodCycler

The FoodCycler is ideal for small households and the carbon filtration system eliminates odors. I personally like how the FoodCycler looks and its aesthetic design. The idea that the recycling is automated and done for you is a definite bonus.

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