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Hi guys and welcome to my blog Healthy Foodie!

My name is Alyse and I live in California. I have a degree in Journalism and Advertising from SDSU. I enjoy the beach, theatre and volleyball. I have 2 daughters that live close by and they also love to eat healthy.  Food is a passion of mine and I’ve always focused on eating well to feel good.

I’m interested in helping people to do the same and think outside the box when it comes to health.  There are many ways to keep your body healthy.  I use supplements and buy organic food items when possible.

Healthy Foodie is a website blog dedicated to helping people feel confident and get information on focusing on health, making lifestyle changes and eating great.




My dogs are awesome

I have 2 dogs that are amazing loyal companions and they also eat healthy.  I wanted to share this photo of my dogs as they will always make me and everybody else smile.


  1. I like the way you share about your personal life and passion for food. When will you have another article ?

  2. Hi Alyse,

    I am new to your website, and I am already hooked! So many interesting articles to read! I am always looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle and your website is giving me the motivation I need. Looking forward to reading and living a more healthy lifestyle!

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