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Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Let’s Do This!

There are so many changes and improvements we can make in our lives. Think about what you can do to change and improve your everyday life habits. To make healthy lifestyle changes is a skill that can help create balance in your daily life.  What time do you wake up and what time do you go to bed? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well-balanced healthy foods? Are you exercising and moving about everyday?

What are 5 lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health?

I suggest making a list of things that you hope to change in your life. Keep this list on your fridge, in a journal or at your computer. I remember when I was 15 years old I drank way too much soda. I decided to make list of what I can drink instead. So every time I craved soda, I would look at my list and know what I could have instead. Remember eat healthy feel great!  Here are some tips for healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Nourish your body with supplements, healthy organic foods, fresh fruit and veggies
  • Manage your stress by getting enough sleep, communicating your feelings, schedule free time, start a backyard garden
  • Move more by taking a walk with the dog or a roommate, do some morning stretches, run up and down your stairs in your home
  • Make sleep a priority by avoiding late night caffeine, turning off your phone at bedtime, use a natural sleep aid if needed
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men and drink slowly


How do I start making lifestyle changes?

How can you improve your lifestyle? Can you reach out to a friend that lives alone? Can you find a new grocery store that delivers in your area and has healthy food choices? Can you start a supplement routine every morning that enhances your life? Can you start a recycling program in your neighborhood?  Remember eat healthy and feel great!

Feeling Great

Work on your lists everyday and you will see how great you feel. I know when I’m focused on my daily activities I feel better and healthy. If I can get into a good workout routine I feel better. And of course when making well-balanced food choices then I feel great!

How do I change my lifestyle habits?

I think we can create habits if we are consistent. In my experience, if I stuck to a habit everyday for 21 days then it was formed into my daily activities.  I surveyed 10 friends and 8 of them had the same experience.


Let’s do this and it will help us feel better! Remember always consult your doctor before making any drastic changes or changing any existing medicines that you are on. To make healthy lifestyle changes is a skill that can help create balance in your daily life.

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