Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener Review

Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener Review

When it comes to keeping your knives sharp, you don’t need to be a professional chef to appreciate the importance of a reliable tool. We recently got our hands on the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener, which boasts versatility and convenience, and let’s say it’s changed our knife game entirely.

The sharpener comes equipped with a Magnetic Angle Block offering four sharpening angles, perfect for a wide variety of knives in your kitchen. The added benefit of three different sharpening abrasives caters to a range of sharpening needs, from coarse to fine. It’s compact enough not to clutter your drawer yet effective enough to revitalize your dull blades.

Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener Review

Yet, while the sharpener is designed to accommodate an assortment of knives, some may find the manual process a bit more time-consuming than electric alternatives. However, the precision and control it provides outweigh this slight inconvenience, making it a highly suitable choice for those who prefer a hands-on approach.

Bottom Line

For those looking to maintain a sharp edge on their kitchen cutlery, the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener is a solid investment.

It combines user-friendliness with effective sharpening technology. The satisfaction of slicing through tomatoes as if they were butter once again is just a few swipes away.

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Meet the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener

In our experience, the Work Sharp Rolling Sharpener has brought a new level of ease to knife maintenance. With its four angle options, we’ve managed to restore a variety of knives, from the standard chef’s knife to more specialized ones like Santoku and fillet knives. The magnetic angle block simplifies choosing the angle, so you spend less time setting up and more time sharpening.

The device comes with three different abrasives:

  • coarse diamond grits
  • fine diamond grits
  • fine ceramic rod

We found this range suitable for tackling everything from dull edges to minor knicks. The small footprint of the sharpener is a nice touch; it’s large enough to handle most kitchen knives yet compact enough to slip into a drawer without taking up much space.

Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener Review

While it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who takes cooking seriously, it’s not without its limitations. Some of our knives didn’t quite fit the sharpening system, so it’s worth considering your knife collection beforehand. Nevertheless, the quality craftsmanship is evident, and the company’s dedication to their products is reflected in the inclusive three-year warranty.

Despite a few exceptions, the Work Sharp sharpener has proven to be a reliable tool in our kitchen, and it’s reassuring to support a family-owned American company that is clearly committed to quality.

Versatile Sharpening Angles

We were genuinely impressed by the ability of this sharpener to accommodate various knife types with its four sharpening angles. In our use, it could easily switch between these angles to hone everything from our trusty chef’s knife to the delicate paring knife. Each blade came out with a precisely sharpened edge, tailored to the cutting task at hand.

The sharpener isn’t constrained by a single blade type, which we found to be a significant advantage in a busy kitchen setting. Its metal construction gave it a solid feel, and we noted that the abrasives held up well throughout our testing. There were no overly complex mechanisms to contend with during sharpening, which may appeal to those seeking simplicity and effectiveness in their tools.

On the downside, some may find that mastering the use of the different angles has a learning curve. However, once accustomed, the versatility in sharpening different kitchen knives was something our team appreciated.

Selection of Sharpening Abrasives

The device includes three different abrasives: coarse 320 Grit diamond, fine 600 Grit diamond, and fine ceramic. Each abrasive serves a distinct purpose and, when used correctly, can restore even the dullest of knives to a sharp, working edge.

It’s worthwhile to note that the versatility offered by the three types of abrasives is a significant plus. The 320 Grit diamond abrasive is tough on neglected knives that require aggressive removal of material to reforge an edge.

Transitioning to the 600 Grit provides a finer touch, smoothing out the coarse abrasions and starting to polish the edge. Finally, the fine ceramic is the last step in the process used for honing the knife, giving it the sharpness needed for precise cuts.

These abrasives cater to a range of kitchen knives, from the robust cleaver to the delicate paring knife. The sharpener’s angle adjustments ensure that each blade gets the angle it craves for an optimal edge. Though enthusiastic about the ease of switching between abrasives and the sharp results, we did observe that for those new to sharpening, a bit of a learning curve is to be expected, especially to avoid over-grinding the blade. Overall, the ability to maintain a collection of knives with one compact tool is remarkably convenient.

Designed for Easy Storage

Despite having the ability to handle a multitude of kitchen knives and scissors, it’s impressive how it doesn’t demand much space. Tucking away neatly in a kitchen drawer, the sharpener doesn’t clutter the countertop, proving to be a real space saver.

One thing we appreciate is how it strikes a balance between function and size. Big enough to deal with various blade types including chef, Santoku, and even cleaver knives, yet it’s still small enough to be inconspicuous among other kitchen tools. It’s a relief to see a sharpener that doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture on your work surface, yet remains on hand for when you need that quick edge on your knives.

Though small, there’s no compromise on its performance, a trait we’ve come to expect from the Work Sharp brand. No need to shuffle things around every time you need to sharpen; just pull it out, get the job done, and stow it away with ease. Certainly, a well-thought-out tool for those who value both efficiency and organization.

Pros and Cons

After some thorough testing of the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener, here’s what we’ve gathered regarding its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Versatility: The device offers four sharpening angles, accommodating a variety of knives from chef knives to cleavers. This flexibility means we can keep all our kitchen cutlery in top condition.
  • Ease of Use: The sharpener has a compact size and intuitive design, which we found convenient for both sharpening and storage. It’s small enough to fit in a drawer but still manages to handle longer blades.
  • Quality of Sharpening: With dual grit options and a fine ceramic for honing, the sharpener returned our dull knives to a razor edge with satisfying results.
  • Gift Potential: Its ease of use and effectiveness make it a thoughtful gift for those in our life who might struggle with knife maintenance.
  • Brand Assurance: Work Sharp is a family-owned American company, which implies a level of trust and quality. They back their product with a 3-year warranty, highlighting their confidence in its durability.


  • Learning Curve: Some reviewers mentioned a slight learning curve. While this wasn’t our experience, it’s worth noting for those who may not be as accustomed to using knife sharpeners.
  • Sharpening Limitations: Despite its flexibility, a few of the sharpener’s users pointed out that it may not be suitable for all knife types, which can be a limitation if you have a diverse set.
  • Dexterity Requirements: A handful of reviews indicated that the device might be cumbersome or uncomfortable for some to use, particularly if they lack dexterity.
  • Mixed Outcomes: Although the sharpener worked well for us, some users reported that their knives ended up duller. This inconsistency could be based on technique or knife type, but it’s an aspect to consider.

Assessing the User Experience

One of our team members bought this sharpener for their elderly sister, who finds the rolling motion less intimidating than a belted sharpener, and she’s been quite pleased with it. The sharpener’s build quality is generally reported as great; however, we noticed that, despite the high-quality materials, the results could sometimes be mixed with knives ending up duller than expected.

The convenience factor of this sharpener isn’t to be overlooked, but users should be aware that it might not be the perfect fit for every knife in their collection.

Commitment to Quality

The brand’s commitment to creating a product that caters to varied sharpening needs is evident from the inclusion of four sharpening angles. Whether you’re sharpening a chef’s knife or a utility blade, this sharpener offers the flexibility to restore a precise edge with its magnetic angle block.

What stands out is the trio of abrasives – coarse and fine diamonds, alongside fine ceramic – that work together to rejuvenate dull knives. We’ve noticed that even older knives with worn-out edges can regain a decent level of sharpness, a testament to the product’s ability to handle extensive wear.

The compact design is a huge plus, ensuring it doesn’t clutter our kitchen space, and yet it’s versatile enough to handle an array of knives. Also, it makes a thoughtful gift for friends or family struggling with dull blades.

Work Sharp, being a family-owned American company, emphasizes customer-centric designs, and this philosophy shines through in their Rolling Knife Sharpener. They back it with a 3-year warranty, which gives us reassurance in the durability and reliability of their product. While it may not suit every single knife in our arsenal, as some users noted, the sharpener usually performs well, making it a practical tool for routine knife maintenance minus the steep learning curve of more traditional methods.


After spending quality time with the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener, we’ve come to appreciate its merits as well as acknowledge its limitations. It’s been quite effective in reviving our neglected chef knives, even those with considerable wear and knicks. The highlight for us was the ease of use, especially for those who are less adept at manual sharpening with a whetstone.

However, we must admit that not all knives benefited from this device. A fair number of our blades weren’t well-suited to this system, suggesting that it may not be the one-size-fits-all solution for every knife in your kitchen.

The Work Sharp Sharpener shines in certain scenarios, especially for standard home kitchen use. Yet, it may falter with specialty knives or for those seeking professional-grade sharpness. Before investing, consider your knife collection and sharpening expectations to ensure this sharpener aligns with your needs.

Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener

The sharpener comes equipped with a Magnetic Angle Block offering four sharpening angles, perfect for a wide variety of knives in your kitchen. The added benefit of three different sharpening abrasives caters to a range of sharpening needs, from coarse to fine. It's compact enough not to clutter your drawer yet effective enough to revitalize your dull blades.


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