Keeping veggies fresh longer – Let’s talk about the green veggies!

Let’s talk again about keeping veggies fresh longer and focus on green veggies! They always taste so much better fresh and when I eat healthy I feel great.

How to keep lettuce fresh longer.  It’s so much better!

When I buy lettuce at a store nearby my house I notice how fresh the lettuce is. It’s more fresh than other stores that I’ve gone to. So I’m wondering how are they keeping veggies fresh longer? I decided to play reporter and ask the produce person. There was a mixture of reasons but the one I want to focus on is storage in the fridge. I talked about this in a previous post. I briefly discussed potatoes, garlic, onions, bananas, tomatoes, peaches, mushrooms, apples, cantaloupe, apricots and honeydew. Today I will focus on green veggies and the specific way to keeping veggies fresh longer!

So to keep lettuce fresh longer in the fridge follow these steps:

  1. wash and remove any damaged leaves
  2. dry the lettuce thoroughly in a salad spinner or paper towel
  3. wrap lettuce in a dry paper towel
  4. place lettuce in a plastic bag vented a little or storage container designed for produce
  5. store lettuce in the crisper drawer

How to keep broccoli fresh longer.

  1. Rinse well as soon as you get broccoli home
  2. Lossely wrap in paper towels and store in fridge
  3. Keep air flowing so do not seal in bag
  4. Put in the fridge asap and eat within 3 days

How to keep cucumber fresh longer. This is an easy one!

  1. Rinse well
  2. Wrap individually in a paper towel
  3. Store in a plastic bag in fridge and eat within 10 days

Keeping veggies fresh longer is key to healthy eating!

If our veggies are always fresh and ready to eat then we will be able to eat healthy all the time.  For more info about eating healthy and preventing illness click here.  I also love this chart on foods to eat and foods to avoid which will be another topic of discussion later.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this out here. In this trying moment where we are all placed under the lockdown and quarantine, it becomes extremely worthy for us as individuals to target making a solution out of nothing to preserve food and thank you for sharing how to keep veggies active and safe. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Thumbs up

  2. Keeping my vegetables afresh has always been a serious issue for me because I just ventured into being a vegan and I have been buying a while lot of vegetables lately but it doesn’t seem like I am enjoying it right now because I don’t know how to preserve it. Well not until I just read this post of yours that’s very well written. How about some fruits too. Show do we keep them fresh?

  3. Your topic is a very good one for me as I live in a very hot country. This means that fruit and vegetables tend to go bad very quickly.

    We both love salad and have tried various different ways to keep it fresh, the hardest is the lettuce so your advice is greatly appreciated, I will give this way a try. Many thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Great Things to know , i’m new in the kitchen so for me this is very useful . I actually did screenshots to each veggie to have them in my phone as my memory doesn’t serve me well . I will be waiting for new posts from you . Thank you 

  5. Sprinkle the leaves with a dash of salt, which also helps draw out … To avoid that dried-out look old carrots tend to get, first chop off the leafy greens if you bought your carrots whole.thanks for sharing this awesome article i hope it would help others as it has been of help to me.

  6. There really is so much to learn about keeping the veggies fresh every time. This is a very sensitive period for me when I have to make sure that I have to make things work with food and I cannot let things waste, this is why it is important that I understand what it takes to keep my foods preserved. Thanks for sharing.

  7. it is lock down this period and there is no movement because of the corona virus pandemic. we can not go to the shops like we use to so we need to keep our vegies fresh and you have given quite a number of ways to keep different vegies fresh. thank you so very much for this article.

  8. I have to admit, I’ve never been big on veggies, but being at home so much, I’m trying to expand my experience.  We have been getting more fresh veggies from the grocery store, and I’m glad to have a little more information on how to make them last longer in the fridge.  Thank you!

  9. This post is exactly what my family a needs, keeping veggies much longer has been a major challenge so much because the family loves veggies but we end up getting a lot of wastes especially during this stay at home system. It is encouraged to do the needful so as to avoid waste especially this time that we have less ways of earning but still spending. Thanks for these tips given on how to keep veggies fresh longer. I am surely going to share and apply these tips at with the family.

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