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Hope you eat healthy feel great on Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

Yay, it’s Hump Day!  I hope you liked my post on how to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, later I will be talking about other fruits and veggies that I didn’t cover.  I’ve had an amazing week so far and I hope you have too!  Here at home I’ve made some great recipes that I want to share with you here.  But most importantly the Food Revolution Summit has kicked off.  I’m so thrilled to be a part of it and can’t wait for it to start.  It’s so exciting!  I just love how it helps people make healthy lifestyle change.  Click on the photo below to get more information.





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13 thoughts on “Hope you eat healthy feel great on Hump Day!”

  1. Wow🤩! This is an amazing news. Being part of this 9th Food revolution Summit won’t be a bad idea for me as this quarantine period will allow follow up and enjoy every bit of the summit. Thanks for letting me know about this summit, I’ll love to be part of it this edition. 

  2. Hi! Yeah, this is so true. Most of the time we are careful about so many things and are when it comes to food, we just say we’re in a hurry and eat anything or simply just don’t think about how it affects us in so many ways if we don’t eat properly. Even our mental health suffers the consequences. I’ve heard of John Robbins. I’d really like to go to this Food Revolution Summit.

  3. Good one here! Happy hump day to you too! 

    well I didn’t have the luxury of the hump day well to myself because I was way too busy dealing with an issue that came up at home but definitely I had access to the post earlier. Thanks for helping me with my decision to stay healthy rather than eating unhealthy meal every time. Thanks so much

  4. A short concise well written article you have written. I hope the rest of the week goes as well as the first half. I also hope your Food Revolution Summit is a great event. I wish you a happy lifestyle change by eating great healthy foods and the recipes you have developed. Thanks for sharing your article.

  5. When you eat just one meal a day, you are … But once I got over that three-day hump, my body started to adjust as I settled into a new routine.thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

  6. Hello Alyse, I have never been to a food revolution summit before but I have had some chit chat with my wife about it n how she would like to go for me and have some good time, but I never really pictured it to be this fun. Eating well is very important especially eating at the right time. However, we have neglected one very important meal which happens to be the most important of the day which is breakfast without a knowledge of the hard we are exposed to. Cheers

  7. Hi, Thank you for this amazing Article. It is very explanatory. Personally, I have learned a lot here on your website. When it comes to food, I think we should really be selective about what we put into our stomach because whatever we take in manifest on the outside. I heard somebody say you are what you eat. Thanks, I will educate my colleagues on this.

  8. Thank you very much for creating such an awesome website and writing an article on eating healthy and the feeling.

    It is always a great feeling to be part of something great. i knew very little about hum day before now but i just realized after going to do some other research. thank you very much.


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