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Best Knives for Cooking

Want to Cook Like a Pro? Start using the Best Knives to Have a Perfect Cut! Getting the perfect cuts when you’re cooking means you need a precise knife. This guide describes some of the things you should keep in mind, as well as a few options to consider when you’re buying the best knives for cooking.

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Best Knives for Cooking

Cooking is a challenging job, especially because you need the ideal items to help you. Knives are a cook’s best friend, so getting the best knives is essential. Here are the top options you could buy:

  • Folded Steel

Folded Steel continues to produce high-quality knife sets and accessories that are truly….a cut above the rest.  They have a unique handle and great durability.  Best Knives for Cooking.

  • Zyliss’ Chef Knife

This knife can handle pretty much anything and it’s inexpensive, which is why it might be the ideal option for you if you’re on a budget.  You can slice basil into thin strips or cut a chicken with Zyliss’ knife. However, it’s not the best pick if you want a professional alternative, so make sure you check out Folded Steel if you want other options.


  • J. A. Henckels’ Steel Knife

Unlike the previously mentioned option, Henckels steel knife is a more convenient alternative for serious cooks, especially if you’re thinking about going pro. Henckels knife is a fantastic alternative to dip your toes in the waters of professional knives without going too deep. It’s a unique option, but it’s not so expensive.

  • Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

KYOCERA ceramic knife sets offer a great introduction to using Kyocera in the kitchen at a value. Once you experience the lightweight, ultra-sharp cutting edge during peeling fruits or slicing vegetables or boneless meats, you’ll find meal preparation fun and easy.

Cuisinart adds innovative lines, looks, and textures to its expanding collection of cutlery block sets. New blade surfaces, unique textured handles, and a selection of both knife styles and block styles let consumers choose superior cutting tools that fit their kitchen decor as well as their personal cooking styles. 



# Image Product Rating
1 Folded Steel Best Overall
2 Zyliss Comfort Pro Santoku Knife – 5 in. Zyliss Chef Knife Budget Friendly
3 Buy Henckels CLASSIC Chef's knife | ZWILLING.COM Henckels Steel Knife Best Durability
4 Best Ceramic Kitchen Knives  Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Best Ceramic
5 Cuisinart Graphix Stainless Steel Best Mid Range

Is Folded Steel Any Good?

When you’re picking between knives, you have different options. One of these is getting folded steel knives, which you might have heard about before. This practice comes from Japanese smiths, and its original purpose was to remove impurities from the blade. Nowadays, even though there are other methods to achieve that, some smiths still fold steel because it’s traditional and because it gives them high-quality results. Thus, getting folded steel knives is a fantastic idea because you’re buying a blade capable of precise cuts. At the same time, you might be getting a beautiful object since most of these knives are famous for their beauty as well.

best knives for cooking

All About Folded Steel

Folded Steel is a premium knife company known for its unique blades, high-quality knife sets and handcrafted accessories. The brand was founded by best friends Tom & Cory after realizing that traditional chef’s knives lacked the aesthetics to make the user feel like an artist.

They began crafting knives out of a basement, motivated by the possibility that Folded Steel could one day be in every household. As the brand quickly gained attention, demand forced them to expand production outside of their home workshop. At that point, Tom & Cory set off to travel the world looking for ethically sourced materials and local artisans to help craft their signature knives. They knew that they could make a difference in the knife industry with highly skilled artisans, ethically sourced lumber, quality steel, and paying a livable wage.

All Folded Steel blades are handcrafted by local blacksmiths in Pakistan and China before heading back to the states for a rigorous finishing process. Once at the production facility in Nashville, knives are inspected to ensure maximum comfort and precision that customers can trust. Inspired by a community of chefs, artists and adventurers, Folded Steel continues to produce high-quality knife sets and accessories that are truly….a cut above the rest.


Where Are Folded Steel Knives Made?

Folding steel was a practice that originated in Japan, and most knives come from there. However, nowadays, Japanese smiths have gone all over the world, which is why you might be able to find knives in other places. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that industrialization changed the steel-folding process. Instead of having smiths working for hours, now machines do the work and change the atoms on the blades to achieve the same effect without actually folding the metal. Since machines don’t really fold metal anymore, there are still traditional smiths who prefer using the old methods to make knives.

best knives for cooking


How do I Keep My Folded Steel Knife Sharp?

Regardless of whether you’re a chef, a food connoisseur, or simply an at-home lover of a good meal, you need to keep your knives sharp. If you don’t, you might be prone to suffering from injuries because you need to apply more force to get a clean cut. The best way to keep your knife sharp is to use sharpening steel. Firstly, grab it with your non-dominant hand and put its opposite end on the surface you’re working on. Make sure you apply some pressure to keep it steady. After that, grab your knife and ensure you’re putting all your fingers around it. Never put your index on top of the blade because you might get cut. Once you have a firm grip on both items, you can start sharpening your knife by making tilted swinging motions, as if you’re lighting a match.


Is Damascus Stronger Than Regular Steel?

Damascus steel has existed for centuries and it has a unique appearance as well as a rich history. Overall, Damascus steel is usually sturdier than regular steel, which is why many professionals and food connoisseurs prefer it. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a knife for a commercial kitchen or you simply want to cook for a busy family, you might require another type of blade. Buying a Damascus steel knife means you get a Japanese-style knife with a unique, long-lasting blade. It’s usually stainless, strong, and immensely durable.


Is a Damascus Blade Better?

Many people believe Damascus blades are better, while others think this is not the case. The truth is that it completely depends on your needs. When you’re buying a knife, you have to evaluate why you want it. If you’re cooking at home, you might want a simple option that can do the job well. However, if you’re a professional or if you care about having a long-lasting, stainless, durable knife, then a Damascus blade might be ideal for you. People who love Japanese culture often want Damascus knives as well because of their unique and beautiful patterns. Nonetheless, you should also remember that since Damascus knives are so exquisite, they’re usually on the higher price end of the scale. Thus, even if it’s convenient for you, you need to evaluate if you can afford it.

folded steel

Kitchen knives are an essential part of your cooking process. What’s the Best Knives to Buy? If you want to learn more options, check out Folded Steel, the best knives for cooking!! And try this delicious cedar plank salmon recipe from Folded Steel.

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