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How to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic

How to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic - art of tea ad


I’ve decided to spend some time focused on how to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic. In the near future we have been told that cities are going to open back up. This will be great for the economy and well-being of the public. If everybody is following the guidelines we should be able to stay healthy. I’ve included below some of the most important things to remember going forward.

How to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic

Use face masks and keep 10 feet distance:

I’ve been wearing a homemade face mask since March even before they were mandatory. In my opinion it just made sense to protect myself and others. It’s also important to stay a safe distance from others not living in your home and I’m suggesting 10 feet. On the news I saw 6 feet but I just feel like that’s still too close. It’s also very important to keep your hands washed and don’t touch your face. If you want to try a good hand sanitizer, I recommend Klean+. Use the code KLEAN10 to get 10% off your order.

Exercise every week:

We are all at different exercise levels so its important to focus on what your body is telling you. I suggest fast walking everyday. I walk my dogs twice a day which is very helpful for me to keep on a regular schedule. In addition to walking I suggest a vigorous workout about 3 times per week to improve heart health.

Eat healthy:

Eating healthy can mean something different to each person. My suggestions are to eat 3 balanced meals per day. Here are some key reminders:

  • Increase fruits and veggies-Aim for at least one fruit and/or veggie in each meal & focus on leafy greens everyday
  • Reduce meat consumption-Like steak, lamb and pork
  • Reduce sugar consumption-Like that found in soda, candy and cakes

If you want a professional guide to eating healthier, be sure to visit the Food Revolution Network.

How to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic

Spend time with family and friends:

This could mean a zoom call or a safe social distancing get together in someones backyard. I’ve heard about people meeting in a safe place and staying inside the car. I also had fun participating in a car parade to celebrate a birthday. We drove by the birthday boys house and brought gifts to hand to him. We stayed in our cars during the parade and had such a fun time honking our horns and cheering.


So this is what I recommend for how to stay healthy during a Covid 19 pandemic.  We are all in this together and it will all be over at some point soon.  It’s impressive how well the community has come together to protect the health of others.  I’m thankful for my family during this time of uncertainty and wish the best for everyone.

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  1. Hallo there Alyse,

    These are really wonderful tips on staying healthy during this covid-19 issue. I liked the birthday party honking idea while in the car. I think this is something that I might give a try especially with the upcoming birthday party for my niece. My  relatives will definitely love this. I also love your website a lot. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  2. hello! the COVID-19 pandemic is a very serious disease that has caused a loss of lives of many good people, most especially the youth

    Though the procedures that you have mentioned are repeated daily on the media but thank you a lot for the reminder, it has helped many

    Imprecisely sure that you helped many people get the sanitizers at an affordable price.

    Thanks again for sharing


  3. Hello there, thanks so much for this article.

    Staying safe and surviving this pandemic is Paramount. It is advisable that everyone should ahdere to the rule given to stay healthy in this pandemic. Use of face masks, social distancing and eating healthy to build your immune system is very necessary. In all do everything to stay alive. Thanks.

  4. Hello Dear, thanks for sharing this amazing tips on how to stay healthy during this Covid-19 pandemic. This is really going to be helpful and useful. In times as this, these are the type bid articles that are needed for proper guidance and directives on how to best manage the situation. Eating healthy and excercises are really nice options.

  5. Hello,Though the procedures that you have mentioned are helpful so thank you a lot for the reminder, it has helped many. As everyone know that use of face masks, social distancing and eating healthy to build our immune system is very necessary. As well as eating healthy and exercise is really nice options.

  6. Hi Alyse, thank you for writing about these key steps during COVID 19. I also suggest people start a new meditation ritual or hobby to keep stress levels at a low level. It’s been key for me, since I’m working full time and trying to help my daughter with online school work.
    Good luck,


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