Food Revolution Summit 2020….coming in 2 days

In just 2 days the Food Revolution Summit 2020 will kick off online… the facts and data represented will be so valuable especially during this stay at home order. I’ve been fine staying home and I’m looking forward to having the chance to focus on the summit without any huge distractions. Do you think you will be able to join me?


Background about Food Revolution Network:

FRN is an advocacy driven organization that helps people learn about healthy, ethical and sustainable food for all. It provides solely online-based education. All participants can join for free and have access to free events, Masterclasses and film screenings focusing on food and health. Started by John and Ocean Robbins, father and son, it has grown to over 500,000 members.

What makes the Food Revolution Summit 2020 special?

  • Top experts will be sharing each day in engaging and actionable interviews
  • After each interview Ocean will engage live to answer questions and his opinions
  • During this stay at home order this is a perfect event to learn more about
  • The experience is high quality and backed by impeccable research that’s easy to understand
  • You will probably leave each day feeling hopeful and inspired for the world

Summit schedule for Day 1:

I like this daily sheet that includes a note taking sheet so you can follow along with the interview. If you want the entire schedule please email me at and I can send you the pdf.

Check out my book recommendations by Ocean and John:

I read Diet For A New America in college and my passion instantly grew for food and health. I highly recommend it! It was a bestseller in 1987 discussing vegetarianism and the environmental impact of factory farming and animal rights.



The book 31-Day Food Revolution is a newly released 2019 book by Ocean Robbins. It is your guide to freedom from a toxic food culture. In just 31 days Ocean Robbins will show you how to heal your gut with healthy food, lose excess weight and lower your risk for disease.

Join me starting this Saturday April 25th for the Food Revolution Summit 2020!  It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait!

I hope you will be able to join me and watch the summit online.


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  1. This sounds like a fantastic event to not only learn, but also to distract ourselves from all the madness that’s been going on these past few months. I love that they provide a free service, that’s taken into consideration towards all of the people that have lost their jobs and could not afford this event. Are they planning to talk about a diabetic diet?

    1. Thanks and yes it is a good distraction.  The speakers will provide suggestions for healthy eating and each speaker has a different focus.  I’m going to try and post the entire speaker schedule…

  2. The more information we have about how our body works and what are the benefits of such teachings and manners, the more we live our lives with more “awareness” of what it’s good and bad. My concern is about people who are used to feel and eat the way they do that they might know that eating good is necessary but don’t want to change. 

    Give voice to this summit is an awesome way of reaching more and more people.

  3. I had never heard of FRN before reading your post. I know for myself I have always imagined finding ways to eat healthier but with the vast amount of info being floated around out there it makes it very difficult to know where to get started. The live question and answer seems the perfect time to seek some of the answers I need about where to begin. The amount of members seems to show that this is a legit operation.

  4. What to eat and what not to eat is something that has been discussed for as long as I can remember. This summit with the speakers and the ability to ask questions will make it an event not to be missed.

    The benefits of this summit speak for themselves. 

    The information you have supplied is extremely helpful 

  5. Wow! It is really great of you to put up something this wonderful together especially in this stay at home period.

    Educating us on how to eat healthy, this is just what we need to built our immune system against this virus. It is also a great distraction from what is happening around the world. 

    Thanks for giving everyone access to this submit by making it free!

  6. Looking about what i eat and not to eat maybe is the hardest thing in my life! I really joined a lot of groups about health and sport and i do workout but nothing changes. Looks like am gonna try this with you as a challenge to me!
    But i wanna ask about working out to lose weight with this Food Revolution. And would you make another one after this one?

  7. This sounds fantastic. Ive always been one for healthy eating and looking for information on it but its very difficult with the vast array of info out their. I love the idea of videos, live questions and that its free.
    I hope this could reach our schools to make the canteens healthier and keep our kids eating healthy while at school so inturn our child obesity will drop. Yes it does start at home too so another reason I think this is fantastic to join. Our kids are our future and they learn from us.
    Sorry hope I didnt babble too much.
    Thank you for sharing.
    All the best

  8. I always welcome knowledge that educates on how we treat our bodies the right way especially through food. Waoo 500,000 members, that’s a pretty large organization which shows a lot of people are really interested on what they have to say. 

    I can definitely use this to learn more this period especially during these lockdowns and the fact that it is free makes it even more appealing. Just a question though, hope we would not be asked to make any payments in the near future?

  9. I didn’t see this post until the evening of the 25th, so I have missed it! I wish I had seen it earlier. Will there be any replays of the event for people like me? I would really like to gain access to this information if it is not too late. Is there a charge for replays?

    1. Hi Lisa: it hasn’t started here so you might be able to tune in Saturday April 25 my time CA time to see it.  Or keep watching the website for the replays.  Hope you can join me!! 

  10. Wow! 

    A Food Revolution Summit 2020. Just what i need. I definitely need to improve my eating habits, as i have a sweet tooth and eat too much junk. A few of my friends are telling me to turn vegetarian or vegan.

    Thank you for all the years of research with your dad and team of food experts to bring awareness to the people.

    Even in the UK recently there have been supermarkets that have taken items off their shelves due to not having the right ingredients on their food labels. I really don’t know what’s going on!

    I’m looking forward to learning about FRS and changing to a healtier habitual food lifestyle! I’ve signed up for the free summit today!

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