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Recap to the Food Revolution Summit 2020-it’s a great program!!!

7/25/2020 Update to the Food Revolution Summit 2020:

Since the Food Revolution Summit 2020 back in April there have been some changes in our household.  We have switched to a mostly plant-based diet.  It has changed our mindset and health.  We feel better daily and have much more energy.   The benefits of following a plant-based diet are varied and all aspects can impact everyone differently.

If you have considered a  plant-based diet and you don’t know where to start I recommend the free masterclass with John Robbins.  John will help you discover the importance of eating a plant-based diet.   And it’s free!!


Food Revolution Summit 2020

Great facts backed by medical professionals

Today I had the great pleasure of listening to Ocean and John Robbins interview medical professionals. The Food Revolution Summit 2020 kicked off today. I was able to listen to (3) 50 minute interview discussions with follow up Q & A. The facts presented are both reassuring and informative during this unfamiliar event in our world.

Health and Love in the Time of Covid-19

The first interview was with Matt McCarthy MD. Dr McCarthy has been working on the front lines in a very large hospital in New York. He’s one of the top infectious disease specialists in the world. He discussed the topic of transferring infectious illness from animal to human at the Chinese wet markets. He recommended shut down of these wet markets as the best solution or testing the blood samples of the animals which involves a huge expense and time effort. Dr. McCarthy suggests a plant based diet which would help the obesity challenges in the world today and help the animals. People with poor health are at greater risk for a bad outcome due to the virus. Aside from touching on multiple other subjects he spoke of Coronavirus as a mutate virus, antibodies testing, antibiotics and putting fear into perspective. His book, Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic is available by clicking here.

Food, Health, and the Coronavirus

Secondly, Michael Klaper, MD discusses how much healthy food choices matter. He has focused on bringing nutrition education into medical school studies and had written several books. During the summit interview he discussed eating healthy and how important it is to combat viruses. From his experience the diseases he has seen reversed have been due to a plant based diet. He touched on the lungs and keeping your lungs moving by doing breathing exercises. The vitamins and supplements available today are going to help build up the immune system. Some of those he talked about to learn more about are zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, selenium and mushrooms. He suggested to stop eating animals because it would help so much. His pride in health care professionals heroic acts during this pandemic is beyond expected. He hopes to bring love, harmony and healing into this world to make it a better place.

It All Starts in your Gut

Lastly, Dr. Zach Bush shared the truths about food, lifestyle and how environment shapes your brain, mood, immune system and life expectancy. His mission is to encourage a radical change in big farming, pharma, and western medicine. He gave some tips for strengthening the gut to include fermented foods like miso soup and that probiotics may not be the best choice for all people. There are many more facts discussed by Dr. Bush to be aware of like gluten and glyphosate. That in the US it’s the glyphosate that is so harmful and that Europe is much more free of glyphosate. If we get rid of glyphosate then our bodies can handle gluten so much better. I’ve only touched on a very small portion of his beneficial information. If you want the audio and transcript you can purchase it below.

Hope you can join me for the next broadcast!

If you want more of the details presented, you can own the series by clicking the photo here:


Here’s Day 2 schedule of speakers for the Food Revolution Summit 2020:

Moon Balance Review

25 thoughts on “Recap to the Food Revolution Summit 2020-it’s a great program!!!”

  1. Great site and fabulous information about the summit thanks for sharing. I am a Paleo lifestyler and although the food diet is a central part of that lifestyle I have always believed that food is just one item in achieving balance so sleep hygiene good regular exercise and mental health issues are equally important to me as is socialisation.

    Are you an advocate of this kind of balanced approach or do you believe that food alone can keep us holistically healthy.

    Great post thanks


  2. Sounds like some important discussions happening there. I remember when I was young and my mother was sick for a while. She ended up going vegan, and had her doctors telling her that diet had nothing to do with it. Fortunately she’s an intelligent, headstrong woman who didn’t listen to them. I know there’s a long way still to go in promoting the importance of healthy food choices to makes us – well -healthy. (Yeah, even as I write that it’s just so obvious. Healthy choices lead to health.) But it is encouraging to see things like this happening. We have come a long way in the last 30 years.

    On another note: I’ve always found that fermented foods are really good for settling my stomach. How do they improve gut health, though? Is it anything like probiotics, or something entirely different?

    • @shanna thanks for stopping by my site..during the summitsummit on Day 1 Dr. Zach Bush shares:

      “Fermented foods are foods that have been cultured with bacteria and fungi. And so I’m a huge fan of cultured foods and fermented foods back into the diet. And so we really press on miso soup as a huge staple.”

      “It’s about getting the nutrients that have been broken down by those bacteria and fungi to supply a complex compost-like material for your gut to support the recovery of a complex ecosystem.”

  3. I have heard about this food summit and I would have loved to hear it! I’m so glad I get to read this blog. It is indeed very important to eat healthy, to prevent diseases and viruses from invading your body. Plant-based diets do wonders for your body. I eat a plant-based diet and it has improved my health a lot over the years. 

    I think it’s great that notable scientists are now involved in research about plant based food and that they are now more outspoken about it. It’s only because of scientists that the general public will finally pay attention, isn’t it?

    Thank you for posting the links to the food summits! I had no idea that I still had the chance to listen to them! That’s good to know!

    • @christine…. thank you for stopping by!  I’m glad you enjoyed my article.  Yes the broadcasts are available for free for 21 hours… and there is a new topic and speakers everyday until May 3.

  4. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. I also followed up the summit, it was lovely and highly educative. My favorite part was when Micheal Klaper was speaking on eating healthy and how important it is to combat viruses which is one major part the media hardly stress on this period.

  5. Hello there, I have been looking forward to this submit, it was amazing!

    Educating us on the food to eat during this season of the coronavirus, how to stay healthy in this season. 

    I must commend that these doctors are doing a great job combating the virus, it was great having you on todays submit. Looking forward to the next broadcast. Thanks for this submit once again.

  6. I agree that good nutrition which keeps the gut healthy is very important for our immune system. I believe in a holistic approach of healthy nutrition, breathing techniques, emotional stress reduction and physical activity. I guess it is about finding the right balance.
    Keep up the good work of this website! Very useful information!

  7. It a well-written summary of the interview addressing how important a balanced diet is during these difficult times. I wonder if there is a link to the archive of the summit.

    Great work, keep it up.

  8. What an awesome and informative site ! thankyou for providing unbiased information and facts on the wuhan wet markets, I think the Dr. is right ‘close it down ‘. that is interesting what you have written about Glyphosphate we were bought up to think it was harmless, now I’m wondering if it is the cause of my stomach problems. I hope you can write more about the vegetarian diet, I will return to this great site. Thanks

  9. Hi Alyse,

    Thanks for this recap post! I’m a firm believer that food is a major contributor to general health, although exercise and mindfulness also play a part.

    It’s great to read that the presentations at the 2020 food revolution summit are generating so much value. I’m intrigued by the value of mushrooms in supporting the immune system in this trying time as I’m already supplementing with Vitamin C, Zinc, sunshine (for Vitamin D) and Selenium. Are there specific mushrooms that we should be enjoying?

    Thanks again for this post.

  10. Hi there,

    There are some real nuggets of information here, so thanks for posting these! I couldn’t agree with your section on gut health. It really does start with the stomach, if you’re not eating correctly, how can you expect your body to be in a prime condition to fight off infections or even merely function properly!

  11. Hi nice post on health!

    I actually just started what I dub the ‘gangster diet’ recently and I feel fantastic!

    This diet consists of:  no sugar, no bread, no pasta, no beef, no pork, no potato products of any kind, no heavy alcohols and TONS of hydration and greens.  

    I feel so clean and clear and honestly a sense of joy inside me from this way of eating. 

    My body is just like THANK YOU!

    I noticed you mentioned something about probiotics not being the best for all people.

    That seems odd to me as probiotics and specifically super probiotics have COMPLETELY changed my life.  

    What is it about probiotics that some might not like?

    • @Justin…thats awesome that you are feeling great with your new diet.  I also found it interesting he mentioned probiotics.  Since I bought the food revolution empowerment package I was able to go back and read the info from Dr.Bush from day 1 of the summit.  He references this info below when stating that:

      Lerner A, Shoenfeld Y, Matthias T. Probiotics: If It Does Not Help It Does Not Do Any Harm. Really?. Microorganisms. 2019;7(4):104. Published 2019 Apr 11. doi:10.3390/ microorganisms7040104.

      So it looks like we both could do some more reading today to find out specifics.. but he did say “And so in our clinic now,we’re very strict taking everybody off probiotics and get them back out into nature”

  12. Definitely a great summary of the food revolution summit and a great reminder to treat our bodies well during this time of COVID-19. It’s hard to eat healthy mostly with so much temptations and junk food out there, but if you don’t treat your body well then you’ll be more susceptible to diseases. From what I know, most deaths from the recent virus is due to people with weaker immune system (i.e the elderly) or people with prevailing diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc) that cause them to be more susceptible.

    Will check out the book by Dr McCarthy too, thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Thank you for sharing the brief of the summit. I have to agree with Michael Klaper, MD, that all medical doctors need more training from the nutrition stand point. I found out about this from the Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD. 

    It is great that all the medical doctors know how to cure the diseases but I think it is a better approach to prevent it by eating the right food as well. In my honest opinion, you cannot be your at your best health by eating ultra processed foods. 

    I also think that plant based diet is best for our bodies and it is also kind to our environment. It is undeniable that meat has some micronutrients but we do not need to eat 15oz steaks every day. 

    I also agree that our gut health is also very important to our overall health as well. I saw the documentary cooked on Netflix by Michael Pollen episode 4 about fermentation and was surprised to find that our whole body is dominated by our gut microbiome, 53%. So, if we feed them the food that they like, we have a better gut health which leads to a better brain function. Who knew that the healthy guy leads to a healthy brain. 

    Thanks for the recap and will check out the broadcast 🙂 

    • @Nuttanee… I agree with you!!  Be sure to check out the free broadcasts when you can…they are different each day and have 3 different medical professionals each day sharing their perspectives.  It’s been life changing to me!!


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