Are Dogs Good For Your Health – I Think They Are!

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What do you think? Are dogs good for your health? Nowadays some of us are staying home due to the pandemic so it may feel more so than ever. But in my opinion it’s helped me a lot especially when my daughters went away to college. My dogs keep me company and are always by my side. It’s important to note that its not only dogs, all pets are good for your health; cats, pigs, horses, rabbits to name a few. Below are some reasons why dogs are good for your health:

Dogs Lower Stress and Anxiety

It’s been noted in studies that dogs have been known to lower stress and anxiety in college students and seniors. When stress is prevalent in humans our body releases hormones like cortisol to crank out more energy boosting blood sugar and epinephrine to get your heart and blood pumping. Having a dog can help elevate feelings of calmness and ease stress.

A study done in 2019 found that petting a dog for just 10 minutes can lower cortisol levels in college students. Another study published in April 2019 completed a study on seniors and how it can contribute to healthy aging. Having a dog for a senior gives the retiree a purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.

Do Dogs Increase Fitness Levels?

I know for me getting outside and walking my dogs twice a day has helped with my fitness. We walk twice a day and stay on schedule. It not only gets me outside walking but it also helps me absorb Vitamin D which is a common deficiency in many adults. When I take them to the strip mall for a walk they make at least one person smile at the sight of seeing them… and that makes me smile. I also enjoy seeing people outside walking their dogs. It’s a win win!

Pets Help with Better Overall Heart Health

It’s been proven that dog owners that have had a heart attack have better survival rates than those that don’t. In another study lower blood pressure and cholesterol are huge factors for dog owners. It’s due to the increased activity of dog owners that’s talked about previously and general better well-being.

Dogs Help with Increased Happiness

I think dog owners have increased happiness due to a better social life. It’s easier to make friends with people when you have a dog which increases your social life. Dogs also keep isolation and loneliness away and make us smile. Our daily life is enhanced and our mood boosts which reduces depression. Hugs are also a huge factor that contributes to happiness. My dogs are usually ready for a hug but prefer to be left alone in the evenings.  Check out my article here on dogs and happiness.

Can Dogs Improve Allergy Prevention?

I was surprised by this study that living with an animal for the first year of life actually lowers your risk of asthma and cuts your chances of having animal allergies in childhood. It also boosts your immune system which invigorates your disease-defense system. Petting a dog for only 18 minutes raises immunoglobulin A levels which is a sign of robust immune function. There is some new research that shows links between microbes that pets bring into the home and ones that live in our digestive tract. “Exposure to animal bacteria may trigger bacteria in our gut to change how they metabolize the neurotransmitters that have an impact on mood and other mental functions,” Jack Gilbert, the director of the Microbiome Center at the University of Chicago, told The New York Times. Are pets the new probiotic?

Pets Teach Us Empathy

This is the focus of an article published by Dr. Akhar. You can read it here. Dr.Akhar has written several books and essays on the subject of loving animals and the benefits to humans.


 Are Dogs Good For Your Health?

So what do you think?  Are dogs good for your health?  My dogs continually help me stay calm and help lower my anxiety. I think dogs are definitely good for your health and everybody should consider responsible dog ownership! Here’s a photo of my dogs that will make you smile!  Comment below and share what you think.



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  1. Helo, Thank you for this amazing review. I have seen review on This before although it came in a more different approach. Anyways I am a dog lover. Having a dog is very advantageous to health it’s even more advantageous for kids to stay with dogs around them. Dogs are companions and they really does increase happiness.

    1. @Sheddy Ovb…. thanks for stopping by my site!  I agree dogs do increase happiness!❤️

  2. Dogs are good for my soul period. I cannot imagine my life with out my Shiro (a very hyper husky, a 100% stubborn but a 100% adorable as well) He just fulfills our family since my husband and I do not have any children yet. He has been a great help for us during this unprecedented of the covid19. When I feel anxiety and stressed over our work situation and of course 24/7 with my husband, Shiro would just come and beg for treats. Just looking at his face made my day, my depression and anxiety just disappeared. So yes, dogs are a 110% good for health! 🙂 

    1. @Nuttanee….I agree dogs fulfill families!!  And for sure dogs  are 110% good for health! 

  3. Hello. Thank you so very mu for your article on are dogs good for your Health? Personally I have learned a lot of things through your article and I would want to bring others here who think dogs are not good so they can get this information firsthand. Here I have come to learn that they are very important because Dogs and other pets can keep one company. Thanks

  4. I always viewed this with a bit of skepticism. But now that I have gone through my own life experience I can say first hand that having a dog as a pet really helps us fight loneliness. They also provide an incredible sense of purpose and to cap it all they even help us to maintain active.

    Your post has made me recall several instances of my life. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for this cute and very nice review, I miss my dog a super energetic golden retriever, when I move out of the country I had to leave him with the rest of my family. All I hope is that once my family and I get our permanent home, my wife and I want to get a dog, to teach our children how great and healthy (thanks to your post) is to have one. Also, my wife suffers from anxiety and she used to have a pet, so it will be nice to help her have that natural help back.

  6. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say it was really interesting going through your article. Though i’ve not gotten one yet due to some personal reasons but i really do think dogs are good to have around and they serve as good companions as well

    1. @Philebur… thanks for visiting my site and yes dogs are great companions when it’s good timing for the owner!

  7. Dogs are indeed the friends of humanity and the reason many people can live freely and associate better and more with others. This is really good to see here and thanks so much for sharing such a great post out here. In all honesty, I agree with you concerning what you have said on dogs and how well they can help our life balancing and health in general.

  8. Alyse, Awesome post about are dogs good for your health. I can say they certainly are. At least in my case they are. I’m a single father of one boy. He is with me most of the time but, when he isn’t I thank God for his dog. If it weren’t for his dog I might just go crazy. I have someone to talk to instead of myself. Thank you for the fun read!

    1. @Russ… I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for visiting my site.  What kind of dog do you have?

  9. I definitely think dogs are good for our health! Dogs and all pets. Interesting to learn there’s some actual science behind the lowering of stress for those who have dogs.

    I grew up with dogs, and now I have ferrets. I’ve very rarely been without pets in my life. Like you, I’ve found them to be important and needed company during this lockdown. I really think I might not still be sane without them at this point. I also think it’s important for kids to grow up with pets, especially pets they can train and really bond with, like dogs, because they do help us develop empathy and responsibility, and also lessen the chances of developing allergies. 

    1. @Shanna… thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on pets… it’s so helpful and important right now!

  10. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. I totally agree with everything you’ve said in this post; I stay at home most times and as usual i spend a lot of time with me pets which has been easing the boredom for sometime now.

    Thanks for sharing this with me, I’ve learnt a lot!

    1. @Chimmhogevagreenesnr…. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for visiting my site!  What kind of pets do you have?

  11. Thanks alot for this wonder article…. Having a Dog around is really good to the health, Dogs don’t just feel the heart they make it stronger, having a canine companion is linked to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and decrease  triglycerides levels,  which contribute to better overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attack. 

    1. @Sharon..thank you for visiting my site and yes I agree having a dog around is really good for our health

  12. Hey Alyse, I’ll be honest with you. Just imagining of dogs in our house triggers allergy in my body already, especially asthma. You indicated that dogs can improve allergy prevention but I’m not sure how it works. Other than that, I would love some company at home provided the dog doesn’t bite lol.

    1. @Dominic…hi there.  You might still have allergies to some dogs and some dogs have hair not fur.  What i said in my article was that I was surprised by this study that living with an animal for the first year of life actually lowers your risk of asthma and cuts your chances of having animal allergies in childhood.  Dogs do make great company at home for the responsible dog owner!!  Thanks for visiting my site.

  13. Hi buddy, thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article. I enjoyed reading it and really interesting going through your content. although don’t have a dog yet, but I do believe dogs are good companions around us. Looking forward to have one in near future. Dogs are like any other family member and they have feelings just like us humans. What are your experience with dogs?

    1. @Juma John Jongu… I agree dogs are good companions.  I grew up with a dog in my family and when I had kids we also had a dog.  Thanks for visiting my site.

  14. Hello Alyse, 

    I enjoyed your article very much, as I can highly relate to your content! This article is filled with a lot of factual evidence from your research and i do appreciate it very much as it actually helps boost your article reliability. I have a dog myself, and especially at this time of quarantine session, my dog, Rover has been a great companion to me. I agree with you that patting my dog and spending my time with him is so relaxing, that it really just takes my mind off so many stress and anxiety in my life. When I have some free time, I also will spend some time playing fetch with him at my porch area, this helps me sweat out some toxins in my body (it normally acts as a warm up exercise before my actual workout routine). Whenever I see how comfortable he is while he gets his pats, really helps me lighten my mood so much! I cant stop agreeing to all your points, really is so true in my life! Good job Alyse, keep up the good work on your article. Stay safe! 

    1. @jyongwa thank you for visiting my site and for sharing your experiences here!  I love that you feel that your dog lightens your mood, that happens to me too.  Dogs are amazing and loyal companions!!  

  15. Hello Thank You so much for this post, I indeed concur that dogs are companion and they help in reducing anxiety, I could say this because I have been a dog lover all my life, My dog (Shedie) will be sixteen by May 23 and thinking about how we’ve come together brings me smile even as I’m typing this now. Dogs indeed are good for our health.

    1. @Jomata I also have been a dog lover all my life.  Thank you for reading my article and they do always make me smile just like you.

  16. Wow love how you made dogs to be recognized once again. Am a dog fan and I cant imagine a day that goes by without being with my dog. They help ease my stress. fact still stands dog’s are mans best friends. My dog billy is like family he’s so smart my little daughter loves him alot. Am glad you made more people know the importance of dogs

  17. Yes, dogs are one of the most amazing animals. Having one is like having the best partner in life. I think dogs can help you do better physically and emotionally. They are a long-term commitment with huge return, especially for people that live alone this will really help them. Thanks for the post, I really enjoy reading it. 

    1. @joshlala007 thank you for your thoughtful comments!  I agree having a dog is like having the best partner in life and I’m so thankful for them!!    

  18. Hi Alysa,

    Your post really lifted my spirits today. What an enjoyable read! I truly believe dogs especially, but all pets, are very good for your health and you confirmed it. I’m lucky enough to share my small garden cottage with 2 wonderful people and my new puppy, called Jack (he’s a Jack Russel:). He’s a real busy body and keeps all of us fairly busy.

    We are on full lockdown at the moment and until 30 April wasn’t even allowed outside our homes for exercise. This changed and we can now go for a walk between 06:00 am and 09:00 am.

    Jack really enjoys the walk and his excitement puts a big smile on our faces every morning (today was only the third day) but we cannot wait for tomorrow morning. We are all walkers and not runners, but he forces us to do a bit of running as well, which is better for our health:).

    I know for a fact dogs lower stress, anxiety and is a good remedy for loneliness. My aunt moved to a retirement village about 2 years ago and they don’t allow pets, but the rules changed about 6 months ago and we got her a Yorkie. I can see a clear difference in her attitude. She is happier and even looks healthier. I’m very grateful at the moment because she would’ve been completely alone during these demanding times.

    I didn’t realize having pets could reduce the risk of developing allergies, but it makes complete sense.

    My friend’s boy is 2 years old and she is not able to have more kids. They are considering getting a dog for a companion for their boy (and for themselves). Her husband prefers bigger dogs and she wants a smaller dog because her boy is still so young. Does it really make a difference? In your opinion which small dog breed and larger dog breed is a very good fit for a family with small children?

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us:) 

    1. @Rika thank you for sharing your experience here and reading my article Are dogs good for your health.  Dogs are so helpful to humans and I’m so thankful for them.  As far which breeds are good for children there are many factors to consider in choosing a dog and many articles on the internet.  Maybe I will write about that in the future.  

  19. Hi,

    Great topic here! 

    I have both personal and professional experience with this subject, and agree 100% that pets are good for our health. 

    My family has a beautiful Great Dane named Edelweiss. My daughter suffers from PTSD and social anxiety. Some days it is difficult to get out of bed. Edelweiss is always right there to assist. She has been trained as a companion dog and knows when my daughter is feeling down, lonely, afraid, sick. She does her job of comforting and protecting exceptionally well. My daughter depends on Edelweiss. 

    As a memory care director, I’ve seen the amazing affects of pet therapy for people with depression, anxiety, agitation, confusion, and loneliness. A dog can also provide the perfect opportunity for those with dementia to feel useful and needed. We have a 3 year old Labradoodle that lives in memory care. She provides love and attention to all who live there. Residents absolutely love her!  

    Your article is well written and very informative. I would suggest adding some pictures to illustrate each benefit or point you make and to break up text. 

    I look forward to reading more!


    1. @Tamara thank you so much for your response and I’m glad that you enjoyed the article….your experience could be helpful to others reading it.  I would love to continue to write about animals and their role in therapy to humans.  I’m so thankful for animals!!

  20. I am a dog person because I grew up in a family that always has dogs as our pets, even up until now. I cannot remember when we live without dogs.
    I agree with you. Dogs are good for our health. Someone in our family suffers depression and anxiety. Having dogs enable him to forget how tired he is from a long day he has at work, his anxiety and depression. He loves to play with our dogs, runs around with them, feeds them, and he even enjoys taking them to the vets.
    Thank you for your article. We discover more benefits of having dogs. 🙂

  21. Hello Alyse!

    As someone who has seen this first hand, I 100% agree with all that you outlined in this article. I have a 1 year old Golden Retriever and he brings me so much joy!

    Pets are beneficial to our health in almost every form! I enjoyed the read.

    Thank you,


  22. Are dogs good for your health is something I am an expert on, I can honestly say if it was not for my recently deceased Rottweiler I would not be here today.

    He was by my side though all my emotional and physical health problems in the past, so how could I leave this world with such a good companion.


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