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As you know, I love everything coffee!  So what is the best coffee of the month club?  Find out here and get all the available subscription box options all in one place.  A subscription box is a recurring monthly home delivery of coffee or coffee accessories.

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Coffee Facts – What Is An Interesting Fact About Coffee?

  • Coffee is full of antioxidants
  • Coffee was reportedly discovered by goats
  • More than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the US every day
  • Thomas Jefferson declared coffee “The favorite drink of the civilized world”
  • 64% of US adults drink coffee daily
  • Coffee drinkers may live longer than non-coffee drinkers
  • In 2019 a report showed that 78% of coffee drinkers make their coffee at home
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Why Is Coffee Healthy?

So there is much conversation about this and I’ve read both good and bad.  Most recently though I’ve read that coffee can be good for you.  Of course, always purchase organic coffee from a reputable source.  According to healthline.com, there are 13 health benefits of coffee:

  • Improve Energy Level
  • Burn Fat
  • Improve Physical Performance
  • Contains Essential Nutrients
  • Possibly Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Protect from Dementia and Alzheimers
  • May Protect the Liver
  • Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s
  • Fight Depression and Help Make Happy
  • May Lower Risk of Certain Cancers
  • Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease and May Lower Risk of Stroke
  • May Help you Live Longer
  • High in Antioxidants

I’m going to share with you here the some of the healthiest coffee of the month clubs that I could find.  And of course you need the perfect coffee french press and electric water kettle.  I’ve done research on both and made videos of my favorites that you can watch below.

How to Use a Coffee French Press

Best Electric Water Kettle

Best Coffee of the Month Club

Healthy Foodies List of the Best Healthy Coffee Subscription Boxes

  1. Purity Coffee

  2. Bean Box

  3. The Coffee Club

  4. Blue Bottle Coffee

  5. MistoBox 

  6. Harry & David


“Coffee is one of the healthiest foods in the Western diet. It’s an established scientific fact, and there are mountains of proof” 

Purity Coffee

Purity Coffee – Purity Coffee was founded upon the goal to create the world’s healthiest coffee. The strict process results in a clean, delicious coffee which is high in antioxidants, while at the same time testing free of toxins, mold and other contaminants.  Prepaid subscriptions are a convenient way to maintain the coffee supply. To send a prepaid subscription to someone as a gift, simply enter in their shipping details at checkout and they will receive their fresh, healthy coffee each and every month. Shipping on prepaid subscriptions is always free!










Enjoy $5 Off Your First Box Bean Box – Start your morning with the world’s best coffees. Explore the coffee subscription options starting at $16.50.  The coffee gifts offer endless variety, expertly-curated from world’s best artisan roasters. Every Bean Box is made with love in Seattle, and delivered fresh, so your gift recipient can enjoy every cup at peak flavor.  Every Bean Box is selected by the in-house curator and prestigious Cup of Excellence juror, Maryna Gray. Her expertise + your sense of adventure = coffee paradise.

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The Coffee Club
– Welcome to The Coffee Club By Pias Bella Cafe.  There are many different flavors of coffee every month. Roasted in Windsor, Canada . Yes we are a canadian brand !  To make sure every order is fresh we send all coffee out the 1st of every month of subscription. Each box monthly will receive 1 8oz bag.  Sourcing the best 100% Arabica coffee beans.  Packaging them to keep them fresh as long as possible, letting you take your time to enjoy them.

best coffee club

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Blue Bottle Coffee – Complimentary shipping plus early access to new products and VIP events. Receive exclusive offers and brew at peak deliciousness.  Sourced with care and shipped out within 48 hours of roasting, the coffee is always fresh.  Customize your subscription.  More coffee, less coffee, different coffee—you have full control. You can cancel anytime.  For fans of comforting coffee flavors, they create our blends by bringing together two or three organic coffees for their harmonious relationship in the cup. They then roast them a little darker to bring out their natural sweetness and rotate offering each week among the five popular blends.

best coffee of the month club







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MistoBox – Coffee is selected based on your tastes or you can choose with our Brew Queue.  Each coffee is fresh-roasted for you by one of 50+ award-winning roasters.  Shipped to your front door.  12-ounce bags of fresh coffee arrive at your doorstep, on your schedule.  When you get a MistoBox coffee subscription, you get matched with a coffee curator – a coffee expert who learns the kinds of coffee you like and sends you coffee based on your preferences.

best coffee of the month club










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Harry & David – Shop a selection of expertly crafted gourmet Coffee, available online from Harry & David.  All shipments are available for a recurring option.  Choose from popular flavors such as Moose Munch, Caramel Pecan and Chocolate Cherry.  This option may not be the healthiest but it tends to be a favorite among many supporters.

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I hope this list can help you choose the best coffee of the month club.  It’s been fun to create this list that varies in quality and desires.  I prefer strong coffee without any flavor but many people like the added flavor.  For that reason, I’ve included a variety of options.

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  1. Hi Alyse – These coffee clubs look amazing! I’m pretty boring when it comes to my coffee as I typically buy a 3 lb can of Kirkland brand and drink it black. However, I do like exploring other options occasionally so the idea of getting a subscription box with different samples is very appealing. Thank you for providing this list as I hadn’t heard of any of them before. Have you sampled any of these subscriptions before? If so, what was your experience?!

    1. Hi Dereck! Thanks for stopping by. I have had the Purity coffee and its good. If you like bold coffee though, be sure to get the bold.

  2. I love coffee but haven’t tried the varieties that are on offer in the coffee clubs. I like Purity coffee as it’s organic with no contaminants. So many food products contain artificial ingredients. It’s good to know coffee has so many health benefits, and fascinating to learn it was discovered by goats!

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