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The Best Vitamins For Women – And Why I Went To A Naturopath

I really love this topic the best vitamins for women for many reasons. The main reason took place many years ago when I was just feeling so awful. I wasn’t sleeping through the night and felt so tired during the day. One morning I woke up feeling very lethargic. My bones ached and I felt like I was going to faint. I was also experiencing a chronic cough that would cause me to vomit at times due to the severity of the cough.

I knew something wasn’t right but at the time I chose to put everyone before my own health. I really had never taken care of my health and finally decided to do something about it. It was a time in my life that family was the center of my universe just like they always are. I reached out for help but there wasn’t anybody home to help me.  I pulled myself together and made a call to a Naturopath that was referred by a friend. I’m so glad that I made that call that day. My Naturopath helped me tremendously. I couldn’t wait to go back periodically for my appointments. Here is what she says on her website that really explains why I highly recommend a Naturopath:

“When you work with me, you’ll experience a caring practitioner who will utilize a holistic and natural approach to get to the ROOT of your symptoms”

All medications have side effects


Getting to the root of a medical problem is such a different way of thinking for some people. It was the way I wanted to solve my current medical problems. I didn’t want to start taking medicines that were ultimately not good for me and just masked the problem. So what does this have to do with the best vitamins for women? It has alot to do with it. Most people do not get enough nutrients solely by eating the right foods so it’s important to supplement. First of all, be sure to get your blood work done so you can see what nutritional needs you have. Then make the changes by adding supplements and retest after 6 months to see the results.

best vitamins

Chronic health problems are frustrating for those who deal with them. Listen to Dr. Gaila in the video below while she discusses why a Functional Medicine approach is the best way to determine why you may have developed a chronic illness and the importance of addressing the root cause in order to restore your health.


Once your doctor has determined the medical needs and prescribed some good supplements, be consistent and take them as prescribed. I’m going to suggest the best vitamins for women from my experience that have helped me to gain a healthy state and keep it that way. I was fortunate that after my blood work was leveled out that I didn’t need to take alot of supplements. I corrected a major Vitamin D deficiency and then once that was stable I could go off of it. I also stopped eating gluten and my cough slowly went away.


The Best Vitamins for Women

  • Calcium- is an essential mineral that aids in proper heart, muscle and nerve function. It keeps your blood and muscles moving and helps your nerves send messages from the brain to the rest of your body. It also helps to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Calcium can also prevent osteoporosis.
  • Probiotics- can help treat gastrointestinal problems and are made up of good bacteria that helps keep your body healthy and working well. Good bacteria keeps you healthy by supporting the immune function and controlling inflammation. Probiotics are discussed in detail here.
  • Magnesium- can lower the risk of some cancers and type 2 diabetes. It also aids in heart health, reduces migraines and menstrual discomfort. It has been known to help athletes enhance exercise performance. Magnesium also helps with anti-inflammatory benefits, lowers blood pressure and fight depression.
  • Vitamin D- the body can make vitamin D when direct sunlight converts a chemical in your skin and forms it into an active form of the vitamin. Vitamin D is necessary for maintaining and building healthy bones. The primary component of bone is calcium and can only be absorbed by the body when vitamin D is present. Vitamin D is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin because its produced in the skin in response to sunlight according to healthline.com.
  • Vitamin B12- helps prevent a type of anemia in people called megaloblastic anemia which causes people to be tired and weak. It’s a nutrient that helps the body’s blood and nerve cells stay healthy and make DNA. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in bone health and may prevent Osteoporosis. People that are deficient in vitamin B12 may experience depression and mood swings.
  • Biotin- there is limited research but biotin has been known to help with improving thinning hair, weak nails and problematic skin. Converting food into energy is the main benefit of biotin. Be sure to visit my article on HOW TO BENEFIT FROM BIOTIN.

Always choose products with limited natural ingredients.  I supplement with the vitamins above and I add the organic superfood powders from Your Super.  You can read more about Your Super here and the health benefits in my article Your Super Review –Are Your Super Powders Good For You?



Best vitamins for women

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the best vitamins for women. I think womens health is so important to understand so that everyone has the healthiest lifestyle possible. Women do not need to suffer or have pains each day. There are easy solutions which can be solved with a little bit of knowledge. I especially recommend using high quality natural and/or organic supplements from a reputable store. Try Thrive Market or Amazon for great vitamin selections and prices.  Another reason that I love this topic is because it amazes me how beneficial vitamins can be for the health of women and men.



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  1. When it comes to vitamins I always think about Calcium or Vitamins C, D but interesting see Magnesium in your list. It is something we, at least I, don’t really pay to much attention. Will do from now on 🙂 Unfortunately, we really don’t get all the vitamins we need in our daily meals so take some supplements is the way. However, it is not easy to choose but we must research the right one and the most natural, always. Thanks for sharing.

    • This is such good information! Thanks for taking time to investigate these products! I really liked what you found out about Magnesium! I’m definitely going to try them.

  2. Well, you are what you eat, isn’t it so? I believe we need to pay great attention to try to eat as much healthy food as we can. Most of our vitamins and nutrients should come from that food. However , in these fast paced times, there is a real possibility that not everyone can naturally get them all solely from a diet. It is good to know you can reach supplementation, but when you are a newbie in the subject, you’ll need to know which and what for. That’s exactly what this very concise, yet very informational post will help with. Well done.

  3. My husband and I took preconception/prenatal multivitamins when we were trying to conceive. I totally agree with you that we needed these nutrients in our body, especially if we want to optimize our health. It really does help with your reproductive health as well. We took One a Day couple’s pack. I now know there are better options out there, but these worked for us at the time.

  4. Thank you for sharing this important information on the best vitamins for women and Naturopath, I have learned lately from articles that all vitamins are not created equal. So to get the most nutrients you need to be sure you are buying from a reputable vitamin brand, you have provided good information for us all to choose Naturopath.


    • @Jeff yes it is very important to purchase vitamins from a reputable source. Thank you for visiting my website and reading my article THE BEST VITAMINS FOR WOMEN-and why I went to a Naturopath.

  5. Hi Alyse,

    Thank you for sharing this and remind me of the importance of vitamins. I realize sometimes we don’t get enough nutrition from our daily meals, so getting some vitamins to supplement our body’s needs is never go wrong.
    I personally take vitamin C, D, and B12 but I don’t do it every day anymore. I need to start doing it again.
    After reading your post, I think I’ll get magnesium as well.


    • @Ferra thank you for visiting my website again and reading my article THE BEST VITAMINS FOR WOMEN-and why I went to a Naturopath. Best wishes for your health!

  6. Great article and an interesting read. I also believe that anything we consume should be free of any chemicals and the best quality. Your recommendation for the best vitamins for women just says all of that.
    Your website is amazing with fantastic and natural health related posts.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing information with us.

    • @Habib thank you for your kind comment and for reading my article THE BEST VITAMINS FOR WOMEN-and why I went to a Naturopath. It is always important to consume the highest quality products.

  7. Love this article. I bring my kids to see a naturopath too, for their health issues. Though it takes time to see the effects, sometimes months, but I think it is worth it as we are working with the root of the problem, like you said.

    I will be looking into the vitamins for women, that you’re recommending. I’m not taking any supplements or vitamins myself, and I think I should start.

    • @Joo thank you for visiting my website today and I’m glad you enjoyed my article THE BEST VITAMINS FOR WOMEN-and why I went to a Naturopath. I enjoy helping people make choices when it comes to their health. I hope it helps you.

  8. Vitamins are a very essential need in life and health, no matter what type is consumed. This is a great article and I enjoyed reading it, a lot of women will find this very helpful to their health and wellness. Great job!

    • @Joshua thank you for visiting my website today. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article THE BEST VITAMINS FOR WOMEN-and why I went to a Naturopath. Best wishes.

  9. Hi Alyse,

    Thanks for sharing this article with some of your recommended products, I think it’s quite helping and useful for women that need the same supplements.

    For things that we intake every day, I think it’s better that we purchase from a trustworthy company. Thanks for your article, I think I have another good choice(naturopath) for purchasing vitamins next time when my mom or girlfriends have the same requests.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • @Matt yes it is very important to purchase from a trustworthy source. Thank you for visiting my website today. I hope you are well and please let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes.


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