Eating Healthy During COVID 19 – Making Good Food Choices


During Covid 19 we should be mindful of the factors that keep our spirits high and stress low. Thankfully there are many tasks we can do to maintain our well being.  There are also certain foods we can consume that help us eating healthy during Covid 19. These foods reduce anxiety and also boost immunity. My favorite choices from the large amount of options are salmon, citrus fruit, turmeric (can be found in tea from Art of Tea), cashews, and eggs. Below are some tasks to follow that can help maintain healthy eating during Covid 19.

Make a Meal Plan

It’s important to plan ahead and prepare a meal plan for the week. In todays stay at home order we are not rushing out to the store so planning ahead will help be more prepared when its time for our meal prep. There are some sample meal plans available for printing on the internet.  Or have fun with it and make your own.


Locate Local Farmer for Fresh Veggies and Fruits

Many major cities are supporting local farmers more today for fresh veggies and fruit. In my area we have our local farmer delivering a fresh produce box to our home. It’s been so helpful and also fun to try new selections.


eating healthy during covid 19

Plan Ahead for Grocery Delivery

There are some local stores that have some good selections. But the best option to try is online delivery of groceries from Thrive Market. You can signup for monthly or annual subscriptions and the food is delivered to your doorstep. It’s so convenient! And how awesome is this?  For every paid membership received, a free membership to a low-income family, teacher, or veteran is provided.


Online Grocery Delivery – So Many Healthy Options

Limit Sweets and Comfort Foods

This is an important topic to be aware of. The bottom line is if its not on your shelf at home then you can’t consume it. So purchase sweets sparingly and focus on healthy choices. It’s alright to enjoy sweets and comfort foods in moderation. The main problem with these foods is that it can alter your mood and lower immune system. We need to eliminate this opportunity from entering our minds and bodies.

Let’s all be smart and eat healthy!

The solution that we all have is to be smart and eat healthy. Take care of ourselves and focus on our health. Eating healthy can be fun especially if you get the whole family involved. Try having the whole family participate in meal preparation and help cleanup.

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  1. Such an important reminder for those of us who suffer from type 1 diabetes and the struggle that it is to stay healthy during such a rough time. Not being able to eat what you normally do due to this pandemic is quite challenging but we’re trying our best to make the healthiest choices. Just to keep it in check, what would you categorize as comfort foods? 

  2. hello there!

    what a beautiful review that you’ve got there and well informative. eating healthy food during the pandemic COVID-19 is very important to our health, this is because this disease affects many people whose immunities are weak, this is because until today this pandemic disease COVID-19 has no cure or vaccine thus makes it very dangerous and it has already caused a lot of loss of lives of many people whole over the world. 

    the only way to fight this pandemic disease is by taking fruits that have got the PH of at least more than 8.3, such fruits are avocadoes- 15.6, lemon – 9.9, dandelion – 22.7 and so many others. I’m precisely sure that your content has helped many 

    thanks for sharing


  3. Hello and thank you for this great post.

    This is a good reminder for all of us stuck in quarantine. Personally, because of the lack of fresh produce all around, it’s been difficult to eat as healthy as I was when I was able to go into whole foods and get something fast and easy.

    We have a few local farmers markets here on Oahu that just opened up so will be going now that I’ve seen your post.

    Do you have a special recipe or meal that you would recommend?

    I always like to know new healthy recipes to try.


  4. Thanks for your informative article! I’m usually a bit confused about what it means to eat “healthy” since there are so many contradictory programs on the market these days that completely refute what each other’s formulas are for a perfect diet. But I do think most of us are more aware of the differences in diets are and that we cannot rely on one program forever without long term bad effects. 

    This article is informative. I’d like to know more about the long term effects of a fatty diet. I know what they said years ago, but I know our understanding changes. Your info has made me research more into which diet is right for me long term. 



  5. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful I must commend. Eating good and healthy is one of many ways to to stay healthy especially during this pandemic. There’s an adage that says if you do not eat your food as your medicine then you would eat your medicine as your food. At this point in time we need our immune system to work properly in order to fight this virus and can only happen if we stay healthy and eat the right food 

  6. This is an important and timely article! If people who read this will follow your recommendations, they will strengthen their immune systems and dramatically reduce the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus.

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