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Are Keto Jarcuterie Cups Healthy? A Simple Single Serve Charcuterie

Just in time for the next holiday coming up.  These healthy keto jarcuterie cups are perfect for any party and easy to make.

Healthy Keto Jarcuterie Cups

Keto Jarcuterie

When I saw these cute charcuterie cups for the first time, I thought wow what a great idea! It’s so simple to just grab and go. They are healthy because you can add whatever ingredients you want and your guests will love them so much.

Ingredients for Keto Jarcuterie Cups

Small mason jars 


Breadsticks, broken in half, 4 per jar

String cheese, 1 per jar

Summer sausage sticks, 2 per jar

Colby jack cheese wedges, 2-4 per jar

Wee Brie wedges, 1-2 per jar

Ham, sliced thin & rolled, 2 pieces per jar

Turkey, sliced thin & rolled, 2 pieces per jar

Green pimento stuffed olives, 4 per jar

Small pickles, patted dry, 1 per jar

¼ cup mixed nuts per jar

¼ cup keto cheese & bacon chips

Blackberries, 2-3 per jar

healthy keto jarcuterie cups

How do you make a Jarcuterie?

Instructions for making a Keto Jarcuterie Cup

Scoop nuts and keto chips into the bottom of the jar

Place breadstick halves and string cheese in jar

Place one cheese wedge or two olives on the end of a toothpick and put it into the top of a summer sausage stick then add to the jar

Add in rolled ham and turkey

Add pickle and brie wedge

Place blackberries on top

Add additional cheese wedges or olives on toothpicks to fill space if needed

Serve & enjoy!

healthy keto jarcuterie cups

Kitchen Gadgets I Used and Recommend

Emile Henry Ramekin Set

healthy tilapia recipe

Elegant Round Edge XLarge Board

Mason Jars

Pampered Chef Glass Bowl Set

Healthy Vegan Charcuterie Board Cups

Long Toothpick

Notes for Keto Jarcuterie Cups

Prep Time: 20-30 minutes

No Cook Time

Servings = 2 jars

  • Prepare on a large board so they are easier to transport
  • Add festive holiday styled toothpicks
  • Make sure to add sweet and salty snacks in the jars! Candied walnuts, Parmesan crackers and fruits are a great mixture of sweet and salty
  • Add the smaller items like almonds or nuts at the bottom of the jar first.
  • Large food items can sit on top or be skewered onto long toothpick
  • Keep wet snacks like olives and peppers away from the crunchy items to prevent soggy food. Add them to skewers so they don’t touch anything else

Check out these other recipes for the best charcuterie boards ideas:


Best Charcuterie Boards of 2022

Below is my list of the 5 Best Charcuterie Boards of 2022.  They range from marble, wood, and marble with wood. The sizes also range from 12 x 6 to 16 x 11 depending on what your planning to do with your board choose the size that works best for you.  For the charcuterie cups you may need the largest board so plan accordingly.

12 x 6 Marble Slate and Wood Charcuterie Board

15 x 12 Real Bamboo Wood Charcuterie Board

12 x 16 Marble Charcuterie Board

13 x 13 Bamboo Charcuterie Board

18″ XLarge Round Teak Board

Enjoy these fun and healthy keto jarcuterie cups.  They are easy to grab and go for parties or meetings.  Be sure to prepare on a large board so they are easier to transport.  Be creative and add festive toothpicks or different ingredients for picky eaters.

healthy keto jarcuterie

Healthy Keto Jarcuterie Cups

Healthy Keto Jarcuterie Cups

Just in time for the next holiday coming up.  These healthy keto jarcuterie cups are perfect for any party and easy to make.
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Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Appetizer, Snack
Servings 4


  • 4 String cheese
  • 1 Summer sausage sticks
  • 2 Colby jack cheese wedges
  • 2 Wee Brie wedges
  • 2 each Ham and Turkey, sliced thin & rolled
  • 2 Green pimento stuffed olives
  • 2 Small pickles, patted dry
  • .25 cup Mixed nuts
  • .25 cup Keto cheese & bacon chips
  • 2 Blackberries
Keyword Appetizer Board, Charcuterie Board
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