The California Wine Club review…. so many club level options

If you want to try a professional wine club today, be sure to check out the various club levels available here at The California Wine Club. There are events coming up if you want to come out and meet the winery family.



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  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I have bee thinking about joining a wine club for a while now. Here comes your review on many different wine club. 

    My wife and I have one glass of wine a day and we consume at least 20 bottle wines a month. We would like to join a club with volume value. It is apparent that the Case Club Series Wine Club is our best choice. I also like the shipping cost, which cost only $1 on reorders, which we will do it monthly.

    Another important feature is that the club provide high quality product with professional guarantee. This is superb offer.

  2. Hello there! Am greatful for reading this review because of it’s usefulness to me. And this because with this I now know when the California wine club sells their wine, the cost of a wine there. Also with this I will be privilege to meet new people who also love the brand.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. Heloooo dear, thanks for sharing these concise article with us, I really love your website its simple and easy to navigate also easy to understand, I think this is great, your description about the California Wine Club Is amazing, I am really glad you shared these useful information with us, cause I believe quality content is the key, thanks for the info

  4. Hello there this is an awesome review you’ve got here. I heard about about the winery family and the events they always put up together. Meeting up with them will put and unending smile on my face as it has been a desire for me to attend one of these event.

    I look for to getting updates from you about the event coming up in June.

  5. Helooo thanks for sharing this amazing piece on the California wine club, so many club option. I have heard nod this brand before, they’re really cool and beautiful. I am a lover of wine, as a matter of fact  this article will really benefit me a lot. The California wine club has so many amazing and beautiful features. I will love to try it out.

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