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Is Wine Healthy For You?




Is wine healthy for you has been something I’ve wondered about for sometime now.  So I compiled a list of possible benefits here from goodhousekeeping.com and National Institutes of Health for your review:

Is wine healthy for you?

  • Combat inflammation-studies suggest that a compound called resveratol has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in lowering harmful chronic inflammation
  • Rich in antioxidants-grapes have high levels of polyphenols which are antioxidants shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Benefit heart health-theres a plant-antioxidant compound called flavonoids in the skins of grapes used to make wine that can lower the risk of heart failure and improve blood pressure
  • Promote longevity-maybe from the relaxation effects and supposed belief that people who drink in moderation tend to have healthier behaviors
  • Promote healthy gut bacteria-can improve metabolic syndrome markers in people with obesity
  • Benefit mental health-can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s due to the flavanols in wine that protect the bodies cells that support healthy blood vessels which is a key benefit that can improve blood flow to the brain and prevent plaque from developing

I would say in moderation it could be healthy for you whether its red or white wine.  Although It’s not recommended to start drinking alcohol to improve any health problems.  One drink per day for a healthy adult will be alright to consume.  Let’s take a look here at what the medical professionals are saying at the Mayo Clinic to see if wine is healthy for you.

Wine Buying Guide

  • Consider the Flavors You Favor. Wines of a varietal share basic characteristics
  • Consider Other Taste Attributes
  • Consider the Food Being Served
  • Consider When You’ll Drink the Wine
  • Don’t Automatically Equate High Price With High Quality
  • Don’t Depend on Consistency



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In moderation, it is okay to drink wine everyday.  I recommend choosing a good quality wine or an organic selection.

Supposedly beer is healthier due to its extra amount of vitamins, protein and fiber.  To be honest, that doesn’t mean to drink beer over wine.  Just drink what you like the taste of better.


And just remember to always consume in moderation and always check with your doctor.  So what do you think, is wine healthy for you?



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17 thoughts on “Is Wine Healthy For You?”

  1. My experience since I started drinking red wine is, my skin look younger now compared to when I was drinking coffee. Recently, I decided to replace coffee with red wine because someone told me that coffee makes our skin look older as it dries up water content of the skin. And it is true, my skin now looks younger and maybe because of the antioxidants too, like the polyphenols that you have mentioned in this article.

    With regard to the kind of wine I’m drinking, it’s the red one and I have yet to try the white wine. It is only now that I am reminded that there is indeed white wine as there’s red wine made from grapes. Once this lockdown is over, I will visit the nearest wine store and look for a bottle of white wine.

  2. Of all the drinks out there, red one has always been my favourite and it’s not only on special occasions that I drink it. Sometimes, I pour a glass of red wine for myself to calm my body after a long, stressful day at work. However, I find this post very helpful as it’s help shed light on the various benefits of drinking wine. I’ll be sure to continue drinking wine in moderation. 

  3. Hi, I agree with you. Drinking wine has to be good for your health. I live in Spain, and here we have great wines too. I like drinking red wine but I am not an expert at all when it comes to talking about wine. I have not tried a Californian wine yet, but I would like to. Honestly, I am not sure if I can buy a bottle of Californian red wine here in Madrid. I will find out and if I actually can, I will buy it, drink it, and get back to your site to share my experience with you. Unfortunately, I live a little too far from California to get wine from the wine club, but if I ever visit California, I will certainly visit it.

  4. I drink red wine a lot, not really because I know its benefit to human health, just that it has been my favorite wine, actually my dad made me love red wine and since then I have always have bottles of redwine in my bar, it’s so good to know how beneficial wine is to the body. Thank you so much for sharing rhis knowledge.

  5. Very interesting post about wine benefits.  I knew some of the benefits you mentioned in your article but I was surprised to see that it can benefit mental health like lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.  Lots of people take like one glass a day I don’t know if it is for help benefits are just to relax…It could be both too.  Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello thanks for sharing this article on is wine healthy for you.personally of all wines and drinks,red wine is my favourite.what I noticed was it made my  skin look younger compared to when I was drinking coffee.i guess it’s  because of the antioxidants too, like the polyphenols that you mentioned in this article.thanks once more.

  7. Wow a big thanks for sharing this insightful article on “is wine healthy for you”. I have always wondered if wine was really very beneficial to one’s health which oeomoyws me into making research. Anyways this article is more like an eye opener, because now I have seen the numerous benefits attached to taking wine. I think I will start to partake in more of wine taking. 

  8. Hello there! I find this article very helpful and educational. Before now, I have been taking wines without the awareness of its health benefits and also this is my first time hearing about these benefits stated here especially the fact that it has mental benefits. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  9. Wines and alcohols are not totally bad, it depends on how the individual consumes it. Like you mentioned in your post,there some healthy benefits that one can get from wines. I have known for sometime that wine, especially red wines are good for the heart, keep you looking good and healthy. Thanks.

  10. I am committed to being healthy so, now I’ll add wine to my diet. Some times you just have to do what you have to do:)

    On a serious note, I haven’t been drinking wine on a regular basis. This has been a reminder for me to get it back in my diet. My 94 year old dad drinks one glass of wine every evening. His doctors keep telling him how healthy he is. (I’m not saying it’s because of the wine, but, clearly it helps and doesn’t hurt.


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