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Are Asparagus Healthy?

When you’re strolling along minding your own business in the grocery aisle and you suddenly find yourself face to face with some unruly-looking asparagus sprigs and you wonder, Are Asparagus Healthy?  This short guide will give you a great insight into what are asparagus good for and what are the health benefits.

What are 5 Health Benefits of Asparagus?

  • Weight loss aid – You might not know this but asparagus is full of fiber that is both soluble and insoluble. This means that some fiber is easily digested slowly, you’ll feel full for much longer. It also contains roughly 32 calories per cup, so it’s excellent for adding to a regular diet routine if you want to drop some unwanted pounds.
  • Packed with antioxidants – Did you ever notice that glaring color from asparagus that contains red, blue, and purple hues? That’s because of all of the anthocyanins which carry powerful antioxidant benefits to help your body fight off all sorts of illnesses. The secret is to not undercook or overcook your asparagus.
  • Better than raw oysters – You’ve heard what eating raw oysters can do for being a natural aphrodisiac, but did you know that asparagus is a great libido booster for both men and women. Asparagus contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B9 (folate) to boost your sex drive naturally and effectively.
  • Hangover helper – You can start to forget swilling a few sips of pickle juice or cracking a raw egg into a cup of tomato juice. Either of these terrible home remedies doesn’t do anything except make you feel worse. Did you know that a delightful omelet with some asparagus bits folded in can provide you with just the right amounts of amino acids and minerals that can ease hangover symptoms?
  • Bust a mood – We’re not talking that vibe from MC Hammer, but in a way, asparagus can shake off a bad mood and make you feel like taking on the world for another round. Because asparagus is filled with plenty of Vitamin B and B12, and a dash of B9, your overall mood will be more engaging and less irritable. There is also plenty of tryptophan that has proven to make people feel have a better outlook if they tend to feel blue all the time.


Are Asparagus Healthy?

What looks very alien and somewhat undeveloped as a vegetable in general, asparagus is actually packed with vitamins that are essential for your body. Just like your parents probably said long ago, eat your greens! They probably meant to specify eating more asparagus. Besides that, it’s one of the few veggies that won’t make you feel bloated after eating a healthy portion.

are asparagus healthy

What are Asparagus Good For?

There is no limit to how you can enjoy asparagus in a meal and is good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It makes an excellent appetizer, mashed into a tasty dip, turned into a creamy soup, and eaten freshly steamed. It also isn’t too bad to put into a casserole, baked or fried snacks or served up chopped and chilled on a charcuterie board. It goes with red meat, fish including salmon, and seafood. There isn’t any limit to where it can be used in a meal.

What is Healthier, Asparagus or Broccoli?

Hold on now, this isn’t a comparison between flavors, since many people prefer broccoli. When it comes to delivering the most benefits, asparagus is the flat-out winner. With a whopping amount of antioxidants and amino acids, this veggie hits all the right scores. Broccoli contains lots of sugars, minerals, and vitamins, but that’s about all there is if you like an energy-boosting veggie.

are asparagus healthy

What is the Proper Way to Eat Asparagus?

These days, everyone wants to eat healthier without really knowing what is considered healthy. Let’s be honest for a second and consider that preparing simple meals in your home including a healthy lunch or even a late brunch is easier than you think. Popping over to the market to find some fresh asparagus and whatever protein you can cook up quickly can make quite a tasty meal.  Are you still wondering what is the healthiest way to eat asparagus?  I love to roast asparagus in the oven with some olive oil and balsalmic vinegar.  It’s super easy and quick.

are asparagus healthy

Last thoughts…

Just when you never would imagine asking yourself- are asparagus healthy or not?  Go and get yourself some fresh asparagus and start enjoying the health benefits that you deserve. You might learn that this amazing veggie will make you feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before.

are asparagus healthy
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