Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

best healthy subscription boxes

I’ve rounded up the best healthy subscription boxes just for you. It will hopefully make your shopping experience easier and quicker. The average person spends about $650 on holiday gifts each year and online purchases have increased. I hope this list will help make your life easier when shopping for gifts for healthy people.

best healthy subscription boxes

Enjoy the holidays when you use this handy list of the best healthy subscription boxes. I’ve included healthy snacks box, keto box, meal delivery box, yoursuper powders box, smoothie box, fresh fruit box, coffee box, tea box and bakers box. There is something for everybody on your list.

The Greatest Wealth is Health

I’ve also included at the end of the article a list of suggested Charitable Gift Giving Ideas. I will expand on this topic in a future article.

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

  1. UrthBox
  2. YourSuper Powders
  3. Universal Yums
  4. Gourmet Gift Basket
  5. Daily Harvest
  6. The Keto Box
  7. Art of Tea
  8. Sun Basket Meal Kits
  9. Foodstirs Bakers Club
  10. Hale Groves Fresh Fruit
  11. Dripkit


I love these subscription boxes and this year there are some great gift ideas for healthy people. I’ve used many of them from snacks to meals to specialty items. I’m rounding up some for you here so let me know in comments what you think.

UrthBox – Healthy food, drinks or snacks that are non-GMO and organic delivered to the front door. Choose the best option to include gluten free, vegan, weight loss or classic original. They all come with full size healthy snacks delivered to the front door every month for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or annually. Shipping available to US and Canada.  Click here to go to UrthBox.

Cost: $15-$45/month depending on package/once per month

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes


YourSuper Powders – One of my favorite subscription boxes I’ve found. When you signup you get to customize what you want delivered each time. Help friends and family improve their health with these superfood powders with ingredients from around the world. Shipping available worldwide in US, Canada, Asia, South America and Australia. Click here for YourSuper subscription offer.

Cost: varies depending on package $89-$231/once per month

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Universal Yums – Wow…snacks from a different country delivered via subscription throughout the year!  I love this idea and amazing experience to try snacks from around the world.  Included in each subscription, a 12+ page booklet guides your adventure with trivia, recipes, and other surprises!  Dozens of salty, sweet and spicy choices.  Shipping available around the world and free shipping in the US.  Please click here to go to Universal Yums.

Cost: $13.75-$35/basket per month

Gourmet Gift Basket – Family owned and operated. There are many varieties to choose from such as holiday, birthday, wines and snacks. Shipping available in US and select international baskets available for overseas shipping.  Click here for Gourmet Gift Baskets.

Cost: $29 and up/basket


Daily Harvest – Food is better with friends! I love this subscription that comes every month with specialty smoothies and ice creams. The flavors are all great and healthy! It’s easy to start or pause subscription at any time. Shipping available in US. Click here to go to Daily Harvest.

Cost: varies depending on package $60-$120/shipment

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

The Keto Box – This great keto friendly box is packed with low carb goodies to keep your weight on track. Delivered monthly and includes snacks, condiments, drinks and baking ingredients. Shipping available to US and Canada. Click here to go to The Keto Box subscription program.

Cost: $36-$40/month


Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Art of Tea – Join the tea club today and get specialty teas delivered every month. Included in the tea club box is history and info on each of the teas. Special holidays blends are shipped during the holiday months and there are 5 options to choose from. Shipping available to US and Canada. Click here to go to the Art of Tea club please click here.

Cost: $20-$25/month depending on package

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes


Sun Basket Meal Kits – Your Kind of Healthy! Get all the organic healthy ingredients delivered to the front door. It comes with recipes and ingredients to make each meal fresh at home. Enjoy cooking with this easy solution with everything you need. Many options to choose from for any lifestyle and makes a great gift to last for months. Shipping available to most US states except Alaska and Hawaii. Click here or the ad below to go to Sun Basket.

Cost: $52-$104 depending on package/shipment

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes



Foodstirs Bakers Club – Great news! A healthy bakers club is available for subscription. You can give the gift of baking to the chef in your life. This comes with a 3 month subscription to the bakers club which includes chemical free decorations, curated organic mixes and easy to follow directions for every age. Great healthy gift for kids! Shipping available in US only. Click here to order from Foodstirs.

Cost: $100/3 month subscription delivered every other month

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Hale Groves Fresh Fruit – Discover the All Seasons Fruit Club and send a 3 month subscription to the fruit lover in your life. Each month there is a different seasonal fruit available for shipping. The fresh fruit arrives ripe and ready to eat. Selections will include: Cherries, Naval Oranges, Grapefruit, Peaches, Pears, Apples and more. Click here to go to Hale Groves for fresh fruit selections.

Cost: $99/3 month subscription delivered every month

Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Dripkit – Great coffee, made easy. Make delicious coffee, everytime. We’ve taken the guesswork out of great coffee. Whether your afternoon delight or your morning savior, your coffee should always be great. With Dripkit there are #nobadcoffeedays. Send a subscription to a friend and make them smile… click here! Shipping available in US.

Cost: $70/3 month subscription also available in 6 month and 1 year package

best healthy subscription boxes

Healthy Body Healthy Life



Best Healthy Subscription Boxes

Charitable Gift Giving Ideas:

During the holidays, it’s always a great idea to support people in need. I’ve provided a list here for you to make holiday giving easy. Most of the suggestions on the list are ones that I have made donations to and feel strongly about supporting. Giving Tuesday is December 1 so be sure to support a charity this holiday season.

Giving is the Greatest Act of Grace

Give Clean Water – They are based in San Diego and my daughter traveled with them to Fiji. The mission of Give Clean Water is to provide sustainable clean drinking water solutions for everyone in the world who needs it. About 25% of people in Fiji lack clean water. Give Clean Water goes to Fiji with teams of volunteers and installs water filtration systems in villages. This prevents each village from having sickness and disease from using dirty water. Learn more and donate to the cause by clicking here.

American Cancer Society – During breast cancer awareness month I wrote an article How To Support Breast Cancer. You can find my article here. I support this charity because they help a variety of people suffering from different types of cancer. I’ve had family members suffer from cancer just like so many people in the world.

Action Against HungerYou can find my article here What Is Action Against Hunger. I support this charity because they help save lives of malnourished children around the world. I setup a fundraiser for people to donate. Consider a donation this holiday season of any amount.

best healthy subscription boxes - yoga club

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup review of the best healthy subscription boxes. I’ve carefully selected what I think are the healthiest subscription boxes that I could find. There are so many but I’m always careful to choose the ones that I think are the healthiest. Give the gift of health this holiday season. Please let me know if you have tried any on my list and what your thoughts are.


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I’m sharing this video here of me receiving my YourSuper box of Plant Collagen:





When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure. The information contained in this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor.


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  1. Alyse, Thank you so much for all of these gift ideas. Great way to shop for the holidays. It’s great to have so many healthy choices to choose from. Looking forward to selecting the best choice for my family.
    Thanks, Norene

  2. These subscription boxes are an awesome and practical idea for a gift for the upcoming holidays. In fact, this is a great idea all year round 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    My personal favourite is YourSuper Powders as well. I like the fact that they give you an option to actually customize your order each time. This way, you get only what you want and you get to use the entire content of the box.

    Thanks again for sharing this awesome post. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Alyse,

    These are great subscription box ideas that can be used in those countries where they can be shipped to. I’m glad to read most of these healthy subscription boxes can be shipped to the US, as I have some relatives living there. So, this can be an ideal gift for them.

    However there are no subscription boxes that can be shipped to the UK! Or, maybe you could do another post on that?

    Many thanks

  4. This is a great list Alyse, and even more relevant now than ever. With all the lockdowns and quarantines, its very important to keep our health up to par while staying at home.
    I appreciate that you’ve included charitable options, particularly Action Against Hunger, which touches me close to my heart!
    Happy Holidays to you!

  5. This article was very interesting. Universal Yum‘s with the 12 page booklet to guide you on a fun adventure while you’re tasting snacks from different countries around the world plus it ships free in the US really got my attention. The Urth Box piqued my interest also, being that it’s well priced too & gives you a choice of gluten free, vegan, weight loss or the classic original. I’m trying to decide which one to do but I’ll probably end up trying both. Thanks for this info!

  6. I LOVE subscription boxes! Thank you for this awesome detailed list of so many great options! I’ve never heard of universal yums and it sounds perfect for my 18 y/o son!
    I started Daily Harvest a couple months ago and absolutely love it. I’m considering Sunbasket as well.
    Thank you!

  7. I think you have done an amazing job of providing a collection of high value gift ideas. I can see each being very personal in a wonderful way as people receive them.

    I also think it’s fantastic that you included some meaningful charities. I have been especially attuned to places around the world that are in desperate need of clean water.

    My wife is a tea lover so I’m going to get the tea subscription for her. I think she’ll love it.


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