Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

2 small cups for easy charcuterie board cups

What are charcuterie cups?  Charcuterie cups are individual cups that are healthy, easy to make and a great alternative to the community boards. They can be prepared in less than 15 minutes with simple ingredients that your guests will love. These healthy easy charcuterie board cups will be the highlight at your next get together and can be adjusted to suit all palettes.

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups Ingredients

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

1/2 cup hummus per cup

celery stalks, cut into strips per cup

2 baby carrots per cup

1 each red, orange, yellow, green bell peppers per cup – cut into strips

2 cherry tomatoes per cup

2 green olives stacked alternating on toothpick per cup

2 kalamata olives stacked alternating on toothpick per cup

1/2 baby bell cheese per cup

3 round salami per cup – rolled

1 package gluten free crackers about 3-5 per board

Fancy toothpicks of choice

24 clear cups

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups Directions

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

Spoon 1/2 cup hummus into the bottom of each cup

Place remaining ingredients into cup as desired – these were assembled as follows beginning at the back of the cup:

Celery and carrots, bell pepper strips, tomatoes to one side, olives (stacked alternating on toothpick), salami rolls and baby bell cheese half

Fill in any empty spaces with smaller ingredients like olives and tomatoes

Serve & enjoy!

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

Nutrition and Facts for Easy Charcuterie Party Cups

Prep Time 20 minutes

Assembly Time 10 minutes

Total Time 30 minutes

Servings 12 but it depends on party size but I recommend making 1-2 cups per person

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups


Notes for Easy Charcuterie Cups

Fruit Options: I always like to use the most popular fresh fruit especially since the cups are limited by space. Some options are berries, grapes, melon or apples. But be sure to add apples right before serving so that they do not get brown.

Vegetable Options: Vegetables always add in a nice healthy variety and balance from all the hearty meats, cheeses and nuts. I usually keep mine simple with some sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, olives or pickles.

Nuts Options: I have used many varieties of nuts. Anything goes here from spicy almonds, pistachios, a candied pecan or keep it simple with a basic nut mix. It’s perfect to line the bottom of the cup with the nut choice.

Carb Options: Every good charcuterie needs some carbs involved! You could keep it simple with some crackers, bagel chips, toasted bread, or small breadsticks. I use gluten free options so that it’s great for everybody and most people won’t know the difference.

Use a fancy toothpick to match the theme of your party

Design a special paper cup or sticker to enhance the theme of your party

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups


Kitchen Gadgets I Used and Recommend.

Pampered Chef Glass Bowl Set

Emile Henry Ramekin Set

Elegant Round Edge XLarge Board

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Enjoy making and eating these easy charcuterie board cups.  Great for parties and get together when a community board isn’t wanted.  They are healthy and can be adjusted for any dietary needs.

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

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