Klean+ Hand Sanitizer Review – Amazing Scent

Klean+ Hand Sanitizer

I’m happy that hand sanitizer is available.  I ordered KLEAN+ hand sanitizer and the product was shipped to my home in 10 days.  It’s 99.9% effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands.  The spray top is useful to apply quickly and without any hassle.

I really like the lavender scent  and the solution feels nice on my hands.   The hand sanitizer is 67% food-grade ethanol so its gentle on your skin.  Safe to use repeatedly and daily.  The solution is vegan, sulfate and paragon free.

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KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER review-amazing scent - natural hand sanitizer


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  • Active ingredients: antiseptic 67% Ethanol
  • Inactive ingredients: water, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil and vegetable glycerin


My family likes it!!  But its not recommended for children under 2 months old or on open wounds.  Be sure not to get into your eyes but if it does rinse with cool water.

Ingredients In Hand Sanitizer – Are They Safe?

KLEAN+ hand sanitizer is available in singles, 3 pack, 6 pack, 24 pack, 48 pack, 600 pack and higher bulk packs.  Each unit is 1.69 fl oz so it is airline approved for carry on.  Pricing ranges from $7.99 for a single to $40 for a 6 pack and beyond.  I hope you can try it out soon as I know you will like it.

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Klean+ Hand Sanitizer


Product Selection




Overall Quality



  • Great Scent
  • Compact Size
  • FDA Approved

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  1. I really like this hand sanitizer because it leaves my hands feeling soft & clean, but even more, I like the way that it smells; not like scary chemicals or super strong perfume but rather nice, clean & natural smelling. The size of the bottle is also really convenient… small enough to comfortably fit in my pocket yet large enough to last a long time. Thank you for always bringing our attention to super high QUALITY products!!!

  2. That looks like a pretty good hand sanitiser, and crisp lavender sounds very nice.
    My question though is whether the long term use of ethanol based hand sanitisers is safe?

  3. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, it really has been helpful to me, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I already saved this post so as to come back for future reference, I also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website together and providing such useful information, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    1. @Skuchmane  thanks for visiting my website and I hope you get to try the Klean+ hand sanitizer.

  4. This is really good and it is such an important toolin such a period as this. Well! I have quite seen a lot of hand sànitizers and most of them are of good quality and good too. But this klean hand sanitizer seems to offer a little bit more and that ordinarily is great to see here. Thanks so much for sharing this post here. I really like all the things I read about this sanitizer

  5. Sanitizers are the beig deal out there right now. He is a very nice day happy to be able to give you the happiest and the hou yo refund my amount o readers and I will be there at all and I will be there at all I need to do to get the best of the best things in the past and I will buy the product too

  6. Hello Alyse, you have brought such wonderful information to all via this article and I must say it’s nice to see an hand sanitizer with a great scent rather than the regular ones that doesn’t well sit with us sometimes. Few days ago I was able to use one and the scent was really good I had to find a similar sanitizer and I’m pleased to have seen this Klean hand sanitizer. Will get one for my home.

  7. With the pandemic that has been on a rampage for several months, the importance of good hygiene can’t be overstated. Personally, I feel one of the best things one can possess at the moment is quality hand sanitizer. The Klean hand sanitizer featured in this post has some really nice features and I’ll look to get one for myself. 

  8. Hello there, This is an amazing article that yiuvhhave got here. The klean hand sanitizer looks perfect especially in a time like this when this virus as caused an high demand for sanitization. I believe it has good smell too. Ibwould kivee tobokace an order for it so I can at least find out if it’s worth the use.

  9. Hello Alyse,

    I took to your website right away before reading anything. It’s clean and uncluttered so it enticed me to investigate further.

    I was not disappointed as I initially learnt about Matcha tea. I must buy some here in Canada.

    As I am getting older, your advice about balance exercises made me think I have to start today.

    Your posts were easy to read and provided so much information. A case in point was the fibre blog which was very succinct with excellent description and tables.

    Enjoyable website.


     David Cartwright.

  10. I purchased the Klean sanitizer bottles. I love them because they fit in my purse, the scent is nice and my hands feel so clean. I had bought 3 bottles and I am going to purchase more. They are perfect for me. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. I need to give it a try. I would love an easy spray on sanitizer.
    And seems affordable too compared to so many others being sold now a days. Thanks for such a great review.

  12. Hi Alyse,

    Well does yes for sure this KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER.
    Is a really good product. As what it says 99.9% effective at killing germs, bacteria and viruses on your hands.

    People really like it too and looking for more.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Lord knows these days they are stressing the importance of handwashing/sanitizing. This looks like a great product. I’m glad to see it is one that offers a variety of fragrances. Not a bad price point either.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. @Teresa The product really does smell good and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky. Thank you for visiting my website and reading my article KLEAN+ HAND SANITIZER.

  14. I can see why having more options to buy is a good call right now. In the current enviroment people are looking for quality products as the shops are runnning out. This looks like a good quality product. Sadly I can only use hand santizer without alcohol but I know plenty of people who would love this. Thanks for sharing Phil

    1. @phil I never thought of a hand sanitizer without alcohol. And yes I do think people are using more right now and having options are always great.

  15. I’ve never used this brand before but I’m always looking for vegan alternatives. This seems like a clean, vegan brand I can get behind. Plus it’s lavender scented, and that’s one of my favorite scents. Plus it’s great that it kills 99.9% of germs but doesn’t dry out your hands. I am a daycare teacher and use hand sanitizer many times a day. So I need one that can be used over and over again without damaging the skin.

  16. This looks like a very reasonable deal for hand sanitizer. Especially how it was very difficult to find hand sanitizers in the past, this has become a need for all of us.

    Thank you for the info!

    1. @brian its good to know now you can get a quality hand sanitizer from a quality company. Best wishes for good health. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  17. Thanks for your post Alyse. There definitely is a huge market for sanitizers right now, of course. I don’t eat animals, so it is good to see that no animal products are in this, and it has natural ingredients. thanks for sharing. Brian

  18. Hi Alyse,
    Thank you for pointing this product’s features and recommendation. Honestly, I didn’t hear about vegan sanitizers, It’s good to know. Just like to say the lavender scent also helps to balance chakra in your body.

  19. Sound like an interesting products as I myself prefer using hand sanitizer that is gentle to the hand because my skin is sensitive and get dry easily. Will check it out. Thank you for sharing your review.

  20. This hand sanitizer sounds so amazing. I usually dislike how hand sanitizer only smells like alcohol. However, I do love how some hand sanitizers have more of a calming scent. This product sounds like it has a great scent and that is something that I always look for when shopping for hand sanitizer. This sounds like a great product. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion on it, it’s very helpful. I might buy this next time I go looking for a new hand sanitzer.

  21. Wow!
    Explicit! I would certainly like something that does the job without leaving me needing a paper towel besides feeling like a reptile at the hands much later on.
    At one point, there was an illustration video if I can recall . Why did you take it down?


    1. @Francis I’m not sure which video that you are talking about. But I would actually consider adding an informational video to this article Klean+ Hand Sanitizer so thanks for the great idea! Best wishes and thanks for visiting my blog today.

  22. Hi Alyse. Seems like a decent product. I sometimes fine that hand sanitiser really dries out my hands and they can also be sticky. Is there a suggested balance between using sanitisers v actually washing your hands with soap and water?

    1. @Jason it’s recommend to wash your hands as the first choice but when that’s not available then use hand sanitizer. Klean+ Hand Sanitizer is not sticky and smells so good. Try it and let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  23. Pretty impressive. I just thought hand sanitizer all of them are the same. Could not have been more wrong. My wife uses it like air lol, ever since this COVID went down. This is perfect.

  24. The one that I’m using now reeks of alcohol. I think this will be better as it’s infused with essential oils. Thanks for the recommendation.

  25. Thanks for the informative article. Very timely as well. I will look into it more. I have been trying different types of gels and going through them fast because of the pandemic.

    Thanks for sharing.

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