Best Plant Based Collagen Powder

Best Plant Based Collagen Powder

I want to have clearer younger looking skin so I searched for the best plant based collagen powder that I could find. Since I always look for plant based products the selections are somewhat limited but I know there is a great one out there. Collagen powder is best consumed when it’s of the highest quality and purest form. Many companies can claim they have the best plant based collagen powder but I’ve done the research and I think I’ve found the winner!!

Collagen is naturally made in the body. As we age, we lose the firmness in our skin, wrinkles begin and skin texture diminishes. With the use of collagen powder as well as certain foods, it helps to support the natural collagen that is already in our body.



Types of Collagen Powders

First let’s discover all the different types of collagen powders available for purchase. There are: marine collagen, plant based collagen powder, and animal based collagen.

Marine Based Collagen Powder:This type of powder is from the skin or scales of fish. Fish skins are cleaned thoroughly and then hydrolyzed with acid and an enzyme to extract the collagen protein. They are known also as Marine Peptides and are easy to digest. The benefits are probably the same as other health benefits such as improve skin, relieve joint pain, prevent bone loss, and boost muscle mass. Marine Collagen can be mixed with water or added to a smoothie. If you have a sensitivity to fish then you will want to try one of the other types of collagen powders like a plant based one.

Animal Based Collagen Powder: This type of powder is actually made from animal collagen and could have contaminants in it. I do not recommend this type of powder especially because there are other options available. This type is made from animal bones, hooves and hides of the animal. I’m more of the type of person to support products that are animal cruelty-free. Keep a lookout for my article coming out on this soon where I will discuss some causes to support animal cruelty.

Plant Based Collagen Powder: A vegan product made exclusively from plant based ingredients that are healthy for you due to the collagen being from plants not animals. I’m very careful as to what I put into my body and I highly recommend a plant based choice when possible. I would much prefer to consume a plant based powder that is natural, organic, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. This does exist which is why I chose Plant Collagen by yoursuper!

Be sure to check with your doctor if you are currently taking any medications that might interfere.




Overall Health Benefits of Collagen

This is a potential list that some people could benefit from when consuming a collagen based diet. I’ve been using Plant Collagen and can attest to some of them that are on the list.

  • Promote Bone Health
  • Reduce hair Loss
  • Improve Sleep
  • Restore Collagen
  • Improve Skin Tone
  • Build Stronger Muscles
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Better Mood

This is just a sample list of some of the positive results that I think helped me and could help you.

Foods That Support Collagen Levels

There are certain foods that support collagen that you can eat that are considered foods that can improve aging skin, texture, skin sagging and even help with joint pain. I’m sharing this list with you here but please note that these food sources have small benefits and a supplement may need to be added for results. There have been limited studies done on the actual impact these foods can make but it’s more important to always focus on a healthy lifestyle. Check out my article here 20 TIPS FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

List of Foods High in Collagen

  • Berries
  • Leafy GreensBEST PLANT BASED COLLAGEN POWDER - photo of avocado
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Avocados
  • Red and Yellow Veggies
  • White Tea
  • Cashews (My Fav!!!)
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Chicken


Herbs That Support Collagen Levels

Check out this list of healthy herbs that can support collagen levels. I’ve researched alot about herbs and I find it so interesting! Where do they come from? How are they grown and harvested? Here’s a basic list of herbs that are high in collagen or help to produce collagen: Chinese Knotweed, Horsetail, Gynostemma, Goukola, Bala, Ashwagandha. I wrote an article on Ashwagandha and learned so much about it. You can read it here.



Best Plant Based Collagen Powder

Best Plant Based Collagen Powder

I’ve been using what I think is the best plant based collagen powder. It has a distinct vanilla smell and slight vanilla flavor. I mix it every morning into my coffee. There are no side effects and the combination of healthy herbs is a huge benefit for me. My skin looks the best it has looked in years and I feel great! So what exactly is in Plant Collagen by yoursuper? It has a mix of amazing organic ingredients that together all provide natural support and protection of collagen: Tocos, Pea Protein, Tremella, Lucuma, Vanilla and Aloe Vera.



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Check out the video here that I made showing when I received my first box of Plant Collagen by yoursuper and how I use it. It’s so easy to use!! Please visit my youtube channel and please leave a comment with your thoughts. Thank you for checking out my article here on the BEST PLANT BASED COLLAGEN POWDER.  I think you will be happy with the results using this powder!  I sure am thankful that I found yoursuper and have been able to use the valuable powders to improve my health.




When you use the links on this page to make a purchase I may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around. Full disclosure. The information contained in this website is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor.

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    1. @Tom thank you for sharing my article BEST PLANT BASED COLLAGEN POWDER. Natural solutions are at the top of my list which is why I like to educate people on natural solutions.

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