How to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer

Now that I’m limiting my trips to the grocery store, we are having a fresh produce box delivered home. The box came with tons of yummy fresh produce so now I’m challenged with how to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. It would be a shame for any of it … Read More

Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!

Happy Monday! On Mondays I like to set some task lists for the week.   I recommend writing them down and checking them throughout the week.  This week I want to focus on Food Revolution Network and the launch of the summit.   There are lots of benefits of a … Read More

Getting ready for Easter dinner

Let’s get ready for a fabulous meal! Eat healthy feel great! Create a menu Make a list of healthy foods for your grocery list. And create a menu that everyone will be happy with. Shop for food Decide which stores will have what you want. I usually go to several … Read More