Food Revolution Summit 2020….coming in 2 days

In just 2 days the Food Revolution Summit 2020 will kick off online… the facts and data represented will be so valuable especially during this stay at home order. I’ve been fine staying home and I’m looking forward to having the chance to focus on the summit without any huge … Read More

Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week!

Happy Monday! On Mondays I like to set some task lists for the week.   I recommend writing them down and checking them throughout the week.  This week I want to focus on Food Revolution Network and the launch of the summit.   There are lots of benefits of a … Read More

Getting ready for Easter dinner

Let’s get ready for a fabulous meal! Eat healthy feel great! Create a menu Make a list of healthy foods for your grocery list. And create a menu that everyone will be happy with. Shop for food Decide which stores will have what you want. I usually go to several … Read More