Healthy Cream Cheese Bagel Nibble Board

cream cheese bagel nibble board

It’s sort of like a butter board but you use cream cheese. This tasty and healthy cream cheese bagel nibble board is the new sensation. Try it with your favorite bagel toppings and serve with the freshest bagels you can find.

Ingredients for Cream Cheese Bagel Board

1 bagel, sliced into thin rounds (my favorite bagels are from Western Bagels)

8 oz cream cheese, softened

3 pieces of cooked bacon, chopped


Everything bagel seasoning

Optional: smoked salmon bits, capers, dill

Cream Cheese Bagel Board ingredients

Kitchen Gadgets I Use and Recommend

Marble Display Board

Cheese Knives

Small Ramekin Dish

Check out this amazing cream cheese bagel board recipe from Harry and David. Click here for the best cream cheese bagel board.

cream cheese bagel board

Preparation Instructions for Cream Cheese Bagel Board

Heat oven to broil

Place sliced bagel rounds on a baking sheet

Toast under the broiler until golden brown, set aside

Spread the softened cream cheese in an even layer over the entire surface of the board of your choice, leaving a small border around the outside edge uncovered

Sprinkle on chopped pre-cooked bacon

Layer on chives

Add everything bagel seasoning

Arrange the bagel chips around the outside of the board

Dip, share, enjoy!

cream cheese nibble board

Notes for a delicious Cream Cheese Bagel Nibble Board

Add optional additional toppings such a smoked salmon, dill or capers

Toast in a toaster instead of the oven

Cream Cheese Bagel Board


What do you serve with a bagel board?

There are so many great options. I recommend lox, variety of bagels, tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, capers, jam, butter, fruit, honey, or onions.

Does cream cheese go on a charcuterie board?

Yes of course. Try cream cheese instead of butter.

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Cream Cheese Bagel Board

I hope you can get some inspiration from this cream cheese bagel nibble board. Make it your own and customize how you desire. If there are lots of kids being served then add some kid approved toppings. Enjoy!

cream cheese bagel board

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