Is Hummus Good For You?

is hummus good for you

I love any food product that is a great source of plant-based protein. Hummus is a fantastic snack option to include in your diet for many reasons. If you enjoy a plant-based diet, are looking to improve your health, or just want a delicious snack each week, you will enjoy many hummus recipes. Hummus is a healthy dietary option and I will show you why. Find out why hummus is good for you by reading below.

What is Hummus?

Is Hummus Good For You?

Hummus is a delicious puree of cooked chickpeas. It is often mixed with ingredients like tahini sesame seed paste, red pepper, lemon juice, and other creamy ingredients. Years ago, when it was first made, hummus didn’t contain garlic and now it’s a staple. The main ingredient in hummus is chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans). It is a staple in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North African regions. If you have a Mediterranean diet, you most likely consume lots of hummus with your meals. It is included in many traditional recipes and meals across the world. It’s a high-protein dip enjoyed with soft pita bread, carrots, celery, chips, crackers, and other bread.


Is it OK to eat Hummus every day?

You might be wondering how much hummus is healthy to eat. As with everything, it’s all about moderation. Hummus is made from chickpeas, which sometimes have adverse food sensitivities, so consider this when you eat hummus. Hummus contains plenty of fiber and is a great item to add to your daily meals. I wouldn’t advise eating hummus solely; make sure you have other important nutrients with each meal, even if hummus is just a side. It’s completely safe to eat every day if you choose; it certainly won’t hurt your digestive system.


Is Hummus Good For You?

Is Hummus Good For You?

Hummus is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals and has been linked to health benefits of all kinds. It has been known to lower cholesterol levels, improve weight loss, supplement the digestive system, lower heart disease, and decrease inflammation in the body. Hummus is a great option for anyone that is on a gluten free diet. It contains no gluten, nuts, or dairy, so almost anyone can enjoy it. The only people who should be wary of it are those with chickpea sensitivities.

College students love having hummus to snack on with carrots when in a rush to get to class. It’s a common item on the list for the best healthy college groceries for many dorm rooms.


Health Benefits of Hummus

Store-bought and homemade hummus have incredible health benefits and are a welcome side to have on hand for any meal. There are many benefits of hummus, including:

  • Plant-based protein – hummus has tons of vitamins and minerals that positively affect the body. These include healthy fats, protein, carbs, fiber, manganese, copper, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, thiamin, vitamin b6, and potassium.
  • Helps fight inflammation – those with chronic inflammation may benefit from regular hummus consumption because of its healthy ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil contains an antioxidant called oleocanthal which has anti-inflammatory properties. Sesame seeds also help in this department.
  • Fiber promotes digestion – fiber is a wonderful thing to consume when you want to improve your gut health, and hummus is packed with it. Hummus has about 6 grams of fiber, about a fourth of the recommended daily fiber for women.
  • Controls blood sugar – chickpeas have a low glycemic index, which may help keep blood sugar low. Hummus is slowly digested, creating a more balanced rise and fall in blood sugar levels.
  • Heart-healthy ingredients – consuming hummus regularly could lead to a reduction in heart disease. Legumes, including chickpeas, have been shown to reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Promotes weight loss – it’s unclear whether chickpeas can lead to the reduction in weight or if it was the lifestyle of people who regularly consume chickpeas, but it could be beneficial.
  • Gluten-, nut-, and dairy-free – anyone with food allergies knows the struggle of finding fun snacks to enjoy. Hummus isn’t one of those and is wonderful to enjoy with raw veggies and more.
  • Simple to add to diet – since hummus is nutritious and delicious, it’s simple to add to any diet. Spread it on a sandwich or pita, serve it with vegetables, dip crackers and bread into it, and so much more.


How to Make Hummus

Hummus is simple to make using a food processor and some canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Add key ingredients (tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt), and you have a tasty hummus to enjoy weekly. Everything gets tossed into the food processor and blended until smooth and creamy. Alter the number of ingredients to your specific taste and refrigerate afterward. Have fun making your own hummus at home!

There are also dessert hummus options that are delicious with a glass of wine, strawberries, and sweet pretzels.  Dessert hummus is made by mixing garbanzo beans with sweeter options such as almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla. You can try these 10 dessert hummus recipes that aren’t terrible for you.

hummus is good for you

Great Recipes with Hummus

You will love these simple recipes if you love hummus as much as I do. Try them out for family gatherings and incorporate some of your favorite flavors to customize them.

Healthy Hummus Board

Easy Charcuterie Board Cups

Vegan Charcuterie Board

Easy Charcuterie Board

Hummus is a great option if you are looking for healthy food to add to your diet. It’s packed with dietary fiber and easy to find at any grocery store. It’s also simple to make on your own at home. Hummus is perfect for you if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy snack on hand. It comes in many different flavors.  Enjoy a serving of hummus throughout the week and know that hummus is good for you.

hummus is good for you

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  1. I love hummus! My husband is middle eastern and I learned to make hummus back in the early 90’s before you could buy it in US grocery stores! Now it’s literally everywhere and everyone knows what hummus is! My kids love it too and we eat it with everything from Raw veggies to a spread on sandwiches and served as a side with most meat dishes. So yummy😋 thanks for the informative article on hummus!

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